Playroom Redo Part 2 – Walls

The walls I new I wanted movies posters so I quizzed the girls and husband on their favorites (kid friendly of course it is a playroom) !

Pyper’s favorites :IMAG6123All of our favorites and Daddy’s favorite

IMAG2002Phoebe’s favorites

IMAG9837And some random fun poster we got at a children’s fair from the movie theater!

IMAG6193IMAG6194and posters aren’t enough NO~ I remember seeing the coolest thing on Pinterest on how to save event tickets easy enough….done


I nailed a plastic popcorn bowl to the wall too, it holds the 3D glasses (-:


What else did I put on the wall you ask? well the girls had a lot of dress up clothes so in one corner we made a Wardrobe section…. I got a clothes rack and mirror, then made a small bench and have red baskets underneath for all the accessories. Black curtains and Oh and the pink carpet made a comeback for the winter..yuck I will be getting a black one that’s for sure!


I randomly put up popcorn boxes and movie sized candy boxes too and since Phoebe’s tiny play kitchen was to much to put in their room. It became the concession stand !


So of course we needed to name the new playroom…


And always remember while in the theater…


Next post seating~! So stay tuned for the sequel (-:

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