4 thoughts on “Pot Belly …..The Pot Belly Bear

  1. I don’t know if you’re still out there, but tears are filling my eyes…. I have a blue version of your beautiful pot belly bear. “Bear” is my single most prized possession, and I have been looking for a similar one to him so I can retire this poor old bear, and he can watch me safely from my dresser. It makes me extremely happy that they are out there! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Still here! and so is Potbelly ! you should try Ebay~ I just looked up blue potbelly beart and a bunch of different ones came up. Enjoy that old bear they are something special ❤

  2. I have the same bear. I got Bear when I was 7 after I lost the bear I was given as a newborn. Fast-forward 43 years, and the loss of his two eyes, nose, and stitched mouth, he continues to sleep with me (my husband is good about it). He is threadbare in places and he’s had many a hole sewn up, but I can’t imagine not having him beside me.

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