Social Moms

Have you ever gotten BlogBlock? I get it ALL the time I was leaning on my friends photo challenges over at for all my blog content and as much as I love it I needed to get back to my writing.  But how?? I have Blog Fog, Blog Brain Freeze, Blog Block whatever you call it I have it….until now.  Since I tweet more than I do any Facebooking or Blogging I follow lots of Mommy Bloggers in my search for interesting blogs and Mommy’s I saw @socialmoms which is more about social media etc.  I have just joined the society I am currently waiting on approval so I can put my two cents worth too!

BUT even if you don’t  join you can read on their blog;  they a have a daily blog prompt…can you imagine??   No more blank Blog!  You can chose from older prompts or check back every day.  Here it is ….  I have ready other blog idea sites and well they were lame just saying.  Social Moms also lets you share you link there too so you can get more traffic if you are looking for that sort of thing.  I plan on using this tool for awhile well until they get Blog Block!~

So onto yesterdays prompt…..

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