Playroom Redo Part 3 – Seating


Now you can always go buy benches and bean bags etc.  But look around your house I bet you have something you can transform.  I saw these seats on Pinterest, yes I am an addict but I have learned and made so much from other people’s brilliant ideas!

So I looked around the house then the garage and found these old mismatched crates just like on Pinterest.  SO I got out my trusty Krylon spray paint.

IMAG6136 - CopyI used a very thick chip board from the back of one of the poster frames I broke, good thing I didn’t throw that away. I did go to JoAnne fabrics for padding it was pretty inexpensive maybe $5.00.  I had the best material that I ordered off of Etsy and some from the thrift store too!  I merely stapled it to the chipboard.

IMAG6090 - CopyI made a bench too!

IMAG6149 - CopyThen I tied the top down making sure it wasn’t on the open end or the girls could fall in!

Phoebe LOVED it!

IMAG6181 - CopyIMAG6186So did Puffy (-:

I put the single seat by the Wardrobe Section (-:  Then there was the PINK computer chair yikes!  It was practically new so I wanted it to match~! So I recovered it.

I took it apart….

IMAG6355 - Copyand got the trusty staple gun out again…

IMAG6359 - CopyI made sure it was pretty tight so nothing would get caught on the material when someone sat in it.  I love this popcorn material.

IMAG6363Once again Puffy loved it…

IMAG6368Then I saw those bright flowery pillows …. re-covered!

IMAG0198 - CopyAdded one to the bench that holds the books ….


Pete likes this one!  (Found that red wood basket there at the thrift shop $2!)

Added a big floor pillow to the other hand made bench…

IMAG9822And again Puffy was breaking it in…..maybe this isn’t a playroom but a cat room SHEESH!

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