Oldest Pea’s Search for College Scholarships

Hello faithful readers long time no article I promise to do better Covid has pretty much made life very interesting. During this pandemic the oldest pea will be graduating high school. I am so proud of this girl with all the struggles she is making it happen! And to top that off she was accepted into the school she wanted most University of Akron, like that of her Dad, Grandma Sharon, soon to be step Dad and her older cousin. She chose Akron to be close to her family both my side and her dad’s live up that way, to say she is excited is an understatement. One of the things we have found is that Akron is not financial help friendly so we have been trying to land scholarship through so far no success since she started to apply almost 6 months ago but we are not giving up! And trust me when I tell you we will let you know if anything comes out of this or not. The oldest pea deserves to start this next chapter of her life, close to family and preparing for a career she was made for. Unfortunately, for my pea she comes from a middle class divorced family and this Mom of Two Peas needs the help getting her there.

So without further ado my guest writer today my first born, The oldest Pea…..

Good morning Mom of 2 Peas readers I am Pyper, you may know me as the oldest pea. You have all been a part of my Mom’s journey of making the most out of family time with places to go and things to make today you get to read about my scholarship search using

I found while searching for a place to apply to many scholarships or grants all at one time or in one place. I reviewed quite a few an decided to use So far I have applied for 36 scholarships that I am eligible for. There are quite a few non essay scholarships that I have applied for based on bold points which is basically how strong your profile is to attract those scholarships aimed at your degree.

I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Forensics, I’ll admit there do not seem to be any scholarships based on that combination although there are many based on personal experiences. I have applied to several based on my experience with online and in person bullying and mental health. I have seen many scholarships open for anything from esports to legal as a degree. Trust me it’s there you can use the easy search button and find what you should apply for.

To make it easy and give me some bold points feel free to use my link to start you or you child’s profile:

Please wish me luck! We could use it school starts in August and I can not wait.

Thank you for reading!

Gram of Two Peas

It’s been ten years TEN YEARS since Gram passed, it still seems like yesterday and every year I read her obit and every year I think we could have written that so much better.  My Gramps, Aunt and I were just not prepared and the Funeral Home Director pretty much wrote it based on what he knew about her.  You can see that one below…..after the original I’m going to rewrite it the way it should have been written.

L. Louise Ellis, age 82, of Kenmore, passed away on May 9th, 2010.

Mrs. Ellis was born in Barberton and lived in the area all of her life. She was a member of the Akron Baptist Temple where she was active in the Ladies Bible Study. She helped start the Exceptionals Group. She had retired from National City Bank.

She was preceded in death by her parents, two brothers and one sister. She is survived by her husband, Jene; son, Fred; daughter, Cheryl Cartwright. She raised as her own, granddaughters, Shelia (Vince) Goodman, Jamie (Chad) Riley and grandson, Ben Ellis; and six great-grandchildren; sister, Jean (Dick) Rudolph, four nieces and nine great-nieces and nephews and one great-great-nephew.

Funeral services at the Prentice Funeral Home, 1154 Kenmore Blvd., on Thursday at 12 Noon with Pastor Ernie Kemppel offciating. Interment at Greenlawn Memorial Park. Family will receive friends from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday. Family requests donations be made to the Akron Baptist Temple.


L. Louise Ellis, age 82, of Kenmore, passed away on Mother’s Day, May 9th, 2010.

Mrs. Ellis was born in Barberton and lived with her beloved husband in the area most of her life.  She was a member of the Akron Baptist Temple where she helped form the Exceptionals Class for the Disabled as well as helping in the Nursery, she was currently very active in the Ladies Bible Study.  She had retired from National City Bank to care for her mentally disabled daughter and grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her parents, two brothers and one sister. She is survived by her loving and devoted husband, Jene; son, Fred Ellis; daughter, Cheryl Cartwright and those grandchildren she raised as her own children,  Shelia (Vince) Goodman, Jamie Riley and grandson, Ben (I’m adding Tanesa she would have adored her) Ellis; and eight (I added the two she never got to meet) great-grandchildren; sister, Jean (Dick) Rudolph, four nieces and nine great-nieces and nephews and one great-great-nephew.

Louise was a selfless, tough and loving Grandmother, Mother, Aunt, Sister and Friend, she will missed beyond measure, loved and remembered forever.


I feel better about this one……


I miss you Gram, I love you and wish you were here every day.  Thank you for loving us with all you had I hope we have made you proud. You would absolutely love all these grand kids today.

Pot Belly …..The Pot Belly Bear

This is Pot Belly, I have had him since 1980 I was 6 years old when my grandparents got him for me.  I loved this bear he and my stuffed leopard are the only things I have of my childhood before we moved in with my grands permanently. 
This bear went everywhere with me, I took VERY good care of him. I even had jammies with his face on them LOL (come on I was 6)  after I outgrew them I put the shirt on him that helped keeping him in such great shape!
Now when you are 6 to however old I was when I put him away; you don’t think I need to keep this in order to pass this down to my children.  Yet in 2014 there I was getting into a box I hadn’t opened since I moved out of my Grandparent’s house 22 years ago. 


Pot Belly’s Second Life

When I decided to post about him I took a few of the now pictures I wish i could go through all of my pictures and find more through out his second life but trust me it happened. 

After the split in 2014 the first weekend away from me Phoebe was having nightmares and there was nothing I could do. (We did change the schedule up a bit to help her and have yet to change it back). When the girls came home and Phoebe was too anxious to fall asleep that night well, this was how the divorce was affecting her she never showed any other signs that she was upset over it.  But she was 6 years old and she didn’t know how to express it that’s when I opened the box. 

I told her when I was little I had Pot Belly with me at bedtime always and he kept the nightmares away.  She took him and hasn’t slept without him since.  It’s been over 4 years she is 10 now and yes I might have just ratted her out but I’m pretty sure her friends don’t read my “lame” blog LOL ! 

So here he is well loved, broken whiskers, one eye and a chewed bottom paw (thanks to Sid)

He has done his job well I think  🙂 

Thanks Potbelly for helping my kiddo when she needed it and still being her favorite pillow today 🙂 


Daekor manufactured Pot Bellies from 1979 to who knows when! But if you ever see one and want to send it my way please do! 

Two Peas and a Castle

Every year since I can remember nothing good has ever happened on my birthday, there has been stitches, broken bones, bruises, accidents and even heartbreak.  Last year I refused to leave my house because I didn’t want to risk it!

This year I refused to believe my birthday was cursed.  I wanted to be with the peas and have an awesome day.  I chose to visit the Loveland Castle or as it is formally called the Château Laroche.



It took 90 minutes to get there not bad and the girls were in great moods so that was even better!

They are open 11 – 4 and its only $5 to take a self guided tour which I personally LOVE when you go in you are greeted by a volunteer who tells you a little about the castle and which rooms are which.  Of course the first thing we saw was the Dungeon <—– sign.


And immediately ran to it….

They cracked up because someone placed a lucky troll in there with the “prisoner” not too lucky it seems !

The dungeon led out to the gardens but we wanted to see the rest of the castle before we headed out there.

We went back upstairs and saw Sir Harry’s office, it was amazing left just as he had left it. (behind bars so no one could disturb)

His bedroom was in the same condition so awesome…..



Then up one more flight and the dining room was something out of King Arthur

 In the back they have a sword collection and a video playing that tells you all about the Castle and Sir Harry, all the art, the chairs, the chains, and the Suit Of Armors

But that wasn’t all there was one more floor sort of….it was blocked off but the roof area was just spectacular from what we could see and just the stairs going up there well the kids said they were way cool 🙂


I would have loved to roamed all over the roof it did look pretty cool. So we went back down a flight look again in case we missed something.


Also those were some of the best pics I ever took of these girls!

We found a oriel window….a small balcony to look over some of the garden.


Look at the dragon!


Now look at us LOL


We ventured outside the castle and it was gorgeous…..

We loved this little trip we even ran back in for one more picture….

They weren’t too into it and the little wouldn’t sit alone I made her pretend to be royal apparently royal is a mean mug. HA!

The castle was a perfect day trip for my birthday with my girls for more info about the place go here:  if you check it out let us know how much you liked it!

OH and then there was this!

Next time we go we will go on one of the castle days they host once a month is the summer….also going to go hiking right there too !~  Sir Harry lived from 1890 – 1981 his life was amazing and the way he built this castle by himself stone by stone is nothing short of amazing.   So do it Google him I feel if I start adding facts and stories I will have lifted it all from other website…I don’t want to do that 🙂


PS……for those that believe in b-day curses……on our way home at the gas station waiting to turn into a spot to get gas…..we got hit by a lady pulling out of a parking spot……she didn’t see us.

Next year we might just might not leave the house again $1580 of damage but at least we were able to drive home…..kind of killed the day though thanks lady!


Update to answer a question from a follower: Phoebe’s T-shirt came from  We all have one! She wears hers at least once a week ~ I have gotten a few from them and they are amazing to check them out!!! (also they are located in my hometown of Akron OHIO! woohoo!) 


The Elvis

Last summer my friend Lisa and I went to Memphis I have always wanted to visit Graceland and it was the last chance to stay in the Heart Break Hotel before they tore it down.  I almost cancelled as circumstances around the trip had changed but luckily Lisa was able to come with me.  Our super fab trip post will come later 🙂

But while we were there we saw The Elvis Sandwich or The Elvis Special everywhere.  We were going to get one to try but ran out of time so I bought the postcard and the girls & I made them.

Smoosh two banana’s and a cup of peanut butter together…….

Normally when I make grilled cheeses I put the nutter right on the bread then grill…..NOT here NOPE this is so much better but not healthier I’m sure LOL~ 

You put the butter in the pan first  then melt and put the sandwich in….seriously genius!~ 

Who taught me to butter the bread first??? 

They were so good ….. BUT one out of two peas approved 🙂  One thinks they are the most disgusting thing she’s ever smelled … she’s wrong but she’s only 8 so…..bahahaha! 


You should try this here’s the postcard if you do let us know what you think! 



They are Watching Us By Guest Blogger Sommer At

Hello! I’m Sommer. I like to write things. Drink coffee. Ponder. Write more things. I am a practitioner of mindfulness. And I write about it. I am a mother. And I write about that too. I was also dealt quite the hand. A Royal Flush, with Anxiety and Depression as my Ace and King. I’ve managed, through exhaustive practice, to pull them out of the deck. I still have the cards though. I’ve accepted that. I also write about that. Enjoy the read, stop over at the blog if you dig it! I will go put on a pot of coffee!


They are Watching Us

By Sommer,

I’m taking a cultural communications class. If we just focus on the amount of work associated with it then it would be an absolute nightmare. The content itself is intriguing though. Especially the content centered around ‘self’. Or rather family. The epicenter of culture is family. This is where we get the tools needed to go out in the world and build a house. Our values, our beliefs, our behaviors. If you think globally then you’re like “duh, Sommer” but what if you pull out your mega magnifying glass and really look at what you do, when you do it, and how you do it. It comes from family. My preferred choice of peanut butter, the way I fold laundry, make a bed, prepare a meal. At the very center of me is my family. I could examine myself for days; peering into my values, beliefs and behaviors.


But what I am really thinking about are my kids. I am their family. I am their center. What I do now will carry forth into their adulthood. It might not manifest into a peanut butter choice. But it will manifest into how they view the world and its people. And it’s exciting! When I set off to have children this was NOT at the forefront of my mind. And honestly I don’t know what was driving that boat. I only knew I wanted to be a mother. But here I am. I have two growing minds at my fingertips. Every action and reaction is being cataloged by them. And to some, and even myself at times, this may seem like a massive and scary responsibility. But to me, it seems fun, an opportunity to help create two amazing adults who will navigate the world. I am not their only influence and I know that. But I am their mother.


I’ve touched on it before. Do as I do rather than do as I say. They are watching us. They need to see us succeed and fail, be happy and sad, overcome challenges, have bad days and good. They need the full spectrum. They need to know we aren’t perfect. Because they aren’t perfect. And neither of us ever will be. They need to see us having a bad day but still being courteous to the cashier at the grocery store. They need to see us mad at them but still comforting them with affection. How we treat them and others will be the foundation for how they treat themselves and those they encounter.

Now would be a good time to step back, pause, and take a good long look at how you behave. How you speak of other people, of other religions, races, cultures, political beliefs. How you generalize. How you treat the janitor versus how you treat the CEO. Are you condemning those that are different than you? Or are you respecting the differences? Are you really listening to them while looking at your phone? Are you teaching them to learn by words or by actions? Are you placing value on possessions or moments? Are you allowing them to experience music that is different from your preference? Books? People? Are you trying new things together?

What will be their view of family? What does their cornerstone look like?  If you take a snapshot of today and examine it, what does it really look like? Do you need to adjust the sails? I know I do.

Are you fully aware of your audience when you rise upon your soapbox at the dinner table or while watching the news? If you are the epicenter of your children then know they are soaking it all up. All of it. Even your peanut butter choice.


I hope you enjoyed this post I reached out to Sommer to guest post as I read her blog constantly and resonate with so much that she talks about. Life is hard sometimes we just need to see (read) that we aren’t alone and how other humans handle it. So do yourselves a favor and follow  …… and thank you Sommer you can guest post any time you want! 

A Wooden Watch You Say? It’s Time to Fall in LOVE with JORD

That’s right a wooden watch!   And for people like me this is a miracle….I always want to wear a watch but for some reason I always end up with a green wrist or the strap falls apart.  That is not possible with this wonder watch not to mention how beautiful it is.  When I received it in the mail I never imagined it would come in such a lovely box.   


Each watch comes with a cleaning cloth and the box even has a drawer so can use it for other jewelry.  And when you get on the site you will be amazed at the colors available. 

The littlest pea has already called dibs but NO this one is mine ! 


I have had so many compliments on this watch and trust me when I say I absolutely love it, it matches everything ~ (it’s the Frankie 35 by the way) 

Not to mention for this girl who is constantly taking the peas out in the woods for solitude having my watch for…


time instead of having to keep pulling out a phone is great and less distracting. 


Want your own or better yet get that someone special their own unique watch visit the Jord store online and hey why not get a discount too! 

To link to their women’s shop :
And hey here is the link for an instant discount page~ 
Let me know if you snag one of these beauties I would love to see pictures!  I am about to order one for another nature lover I know!
Happy Holidays! 

“This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches”

Two Peas and Walnut Woods Metro Park

It was out first day without Volleyball practice or a game.  So I decided I would grab the girls after work, get a pizza and go to one of the parks we wanted to check off our list!  It was only 20 minutes away so why not we had a few hours before it got dark.

The plan was to eat, play a little and get a short hike in….well we ate and then drove to the other side of the park we were at Tall Tree area where it was trails upon trails BUT the play area was on the other side the Buckeye area….



Someone thought she would reenact the Lion King sans Simba ( I wouldn’t let her hold the Pheebs up that would have been a disaster!) 


So the one thing I noticed is that if I don’t get the hike in first….we don’t go…well we went a whopping 50 feet maybe …. 


See the littlest I’m so excited to hike face back there? 


All the newer parks like this have the best dog parks ….the kids would love a dog maybe some day.


Yep 50 feet when it was decided we couldn’t walk without hiking boots….really? It’s a paved path…..and this is why we hike first. 


She just wanted back here! 


There is our times up sign….a beautiful sunset.


So yeah, we have hit 5 out of 18 of the Central Ohio parks we started late and have Hocking Hills in there a couple times.  This week we hit another one yet to be decided~ 


Lillian Louise Ellis April 28, 1928 – May 9, 2010

It’s coming to that time of year again, it always hits me and for a week before I just can’t function right; maybe this will help.

May 9, 2010 was Mother’s Day that year.  We were at my ex husband’s family’s house after just laying his Grandfather to rest.  We got up and was ready to head to my family’s house to spend the day with Mom and Gram.  I get a text from my brother…”Gram was having trouble breathing they are at the hospital”  I text back if it was ok we would drop the kids off at the house with him and Mom and go straight to the hospital.  It seemed like it took forever to get my family in the car.  I was worried but reassured everyone she would be ok….she had to be.  Half way to Akron from Orrville (maybe 20 minutes) I get another text from Ben…..”just come to the house” ….. my heart sank, something was wrong ,,,,we were going to the house first why a text to come straight there? Oh my god…..I replied….”ok”.

We pull into the drive way of the house I grew up in, raised by these amazing people I had the privilege of calling MY grandparents when I see him……Ben this tall 24 year old kid who never knew anyone other than my grandparents as Mom and Dad, bawling in the middle of the drive way waiting for me.  I whispered “she’s gone” and ran to him.  This is the moment I remember every time I pull into the drive way, even today.  

So much happened that week my Mom left the day of the funeral with my sister and her family to live with them. I felt like we didn’t get to say goodbye to her. (she came to live with us a short time later).  I helped Grandpa with the bills, calling  all the doctors  to let them know she passed away, dealing with insurance.  I stayed there a week while my daughters were with my ex and his family.  I hated leaving him to go back to my life in Columbus, he was now alone…..his wife of over 50 years gone, his daughter who they took care of the last 24 years gone and now I had to leave.  Ben would visit every day and make sure he was eating and eventually took over the bills for him since he is there.  It was all just a process and six years later things are ok. BUT not a day goes by not a decision I make or mistake I pay for I’m not thinking what would Gram had told me to do. 

I could go into how hard it had to be for her, raising her daughter all over again and her three kids when she should have been retiring and traveling the world with Gramps, but that would be a super long post because she sacrificed everything for us. I was lucky enough to know her for 34 years even more lucky that when I became an adult I could talk to her about everything she wasn’t just my Gram, she was my Mom and my friend.   We learned to not sugar coat things and even laughed because the look I get, that look Phoebe gets when we hear or see something stupid?? Yeah I got that from her….she gave me that look more times than I can count…haha.

I miss her, I miss calling every time I needed real advise, I miss her telling me not to be a “fool”, I miss her telling saying I love you.  Because the one thing she taught me is that true real love is out there.  The love that she and Gramps shared was true love, they would never give up on each other and always made us kids feel that epic love.  

In the six years she has been gone, Ben has gotten married and had two beautiful children.  I got divorced and moved but stayed in Columbus.  We lost two cousins entirely too soon, family weddings and babies all over the place.   Things have never been the same, our extended families have sort of drifted but we are trying to stay together.  Ben, his family, Gramps, the girls are I are together every chance we get that bond will only get stronger.  

My only regret is that I never truly got to say goodbye, I love you Gram.


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