Mom of 2 Peas at the Groovy Plants Ranch

This past weekend my husband and I were able to sneak aways from the house and visit a couple places we have been wanting visit for ages!

My place was the Groovy Plant Ranch in Marengo, OH I have followed them on Facebook forever and pass by the sign on the expressway every day driving back and forth to work and home. I even saw some friends post visits after a while and we finally found some time to go.

From where we live it took just under an hour to get there, and it was such a beautiful day. When we arrived there was overflow parking across the street so we just parked there. When you walk up to the ranch you have no idea how big this place is you first see the old school house that they have a small shop in now.

They always have a food truck or two this day it was Kitty’s Hissin Chicken. We didn’t eat the Nashville Hot Chicken but we heard some other customers raving about it.!loadCalendar%2Ckittyshissinchicken%2C&h=AT079WrcWbdm3Tdiwv_ChA65ZN0cCeNF4hHbE46z2fuW22K9suXbVfN5mC5gLkukZPx8J–W3YNOBpOQiP75guS9jBYXJo1Sk0_s5EiviCxu0gfGeEVvFCgSuph9n_6QlLM

We walked in and saw so many green houses to walk through, it’s still winter so the spring summer plant areas were empty so you know we have to go back this summer!

We walked around and could have taken one of each plant home it was pretty crowded all kinds of plant people were out that day! We saw the owners (who I recognized from their FaceBook page) working their tails off, we saw some young people using the place a their own photo studio (don’t think that did not cross my mind too!) , we saw all ages here there was something for everyone to love.

We bought my step daughter a plant for her room she loved it and it was cat friendly so it was perfect for when her best cat chewed on a leaf or two.

Steve picked one out for his office and I picked out a few small ones for mine and some pots for all. The even let you plant them there with free dirt! Not only fun but so dang convenient.

I then found the air plants talk about cool, I had to have one! I got the bird ~

So if you are in the mood for the freshest air, the friendliest people and some crazy plants you need to visit!

Tell them Mom of 2 Peas sent ya~

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