Girl Scout Walk About – Lanyards!

It’s cookie season as you know, and we are getting ready for a lot of cookie sale opportunities!   With all of our booth ideas running through our heads we are also getting ready for Walk About Week.  For those that don’t know that is when we go door to door as a troop.  First thing I made for the girls is a lanyard to make it easier and faster when some one asks what kind and how much.

Here is a short tutorial on how I made ours….

5 yards of thick cos grain ribbon made 18 lanyards, it could make more or less depending on how long you make yours.


I had gotten a bag of these at a yard sale for a dollar I like using these for the lanyard clip than the two-part way you see a lot online.  Lace this through the ribbon first.


Then sew the ribbon together.  I sewed it three times across because the girls will pull on them I am sure.


I printed out the cookie variety and the price cheat sheet and stuck them to a green paper to match the ribbon.


Once I cut them out I laminated them and cut the out again with my helper…


 (who was really watching Bo on the Go)


Punched a hole with the handy dandy crop-o-dile


And hooked the to the lanyards!


This is not an original idea I saw it on pinterest and I would mention the blog it came from but there wasn’t an attached author! But if you would like to see that one here is the pin link (-:


I will keep update my blog with whatever we do for this cookie season we are so excited this year ~!

(note I got the year on the cheat sheet wrong oops! and not a single scout noticed LOL)


I did not have a template for the cheat sheets but have gotten several request so here you go! Just print out and resize if needed (-: Let me know how they turned out!

Cookie Price Cheat  and  2015 cookie varieties LBB or just the Super Six which will be a little more rectangle than square (-:

Here are the super six from the bakers website in two different looks

I put them on Word so that you can right click as resize as needed I made the 5×5 inch with the card stock border if that helps at all (-:

Thank you to everyone who has made such nice comments!  Our troop went to our council Cookie Rally and they had them there for the passports I loved it (-: !

69 thoughts on “Girl Scout Walk About – Lanyards!

  1. This is great thank you for sharing! We will be making these for sure…I saw this on pinterest!

  2. I’m not able to see the pictures…is there a way you can email me the instructions. I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea!! Thank you!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this idea!!!!!! I have a fifth grade Girl Scout troop. I think they will enjoy making these. Thanks so much for sharing the idea!!!! I am so sorry to have to tell you this….but you’re price for 12 packages is wrong. It should be $42

  4. I just got the cookies set up for printing for 2014 cookie season. My Girl Scout troop will love these. Thank you for a wonderful and very useful idea.

  5. I think I am going to steal this idea for our cookie rally this year. All the girls in the service unit will get to make one. Thanks so much for the idea and the great, clear instructions!!!

  6. Awesome idea! I love it! I know my troop will love these. Would you be able to send me the template/pictures of the cookies?

  7. Thank you so much for sharing! Is there a way to remove two of the cookies on the one you shared. We are only selling the 6 basics and do not want to confuse our girls

  8. I was looking for the Super 6 cookies (Trefoils, Thin Mints, Savannah Smiles, Tagalongs, Samoas, and Do-Si-Dos) list. If you don’t have them. What are your measurements for the cookie description and price tables?

  9. Great idea! Our booth sales start next week and this will work wonderfully for booth my troops. I have a Daisy and a Brownie one.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing, you saved my bacon 🙂 I’ve been trying to do this myself for days, with no success.

  11. Super cute idea! Can you send me the template to make them look like the ones you made? When I click on cookie description or six the pictures are different blurry.

  12. Any chance you have the template for 2015. I would love to make these for our girls! Thank you so much!!! Love this idea!

  13. Thanks so much for adding the 2015 cookies! We made these last year based on your blog post and they worked great! Now that we’ve added 2 new cookies – we’ll be making these over! So the new links are super helpful!

  14. Would I be able to get the template also? Our council is not selling any lemon varieties so I need to remove that one. I don’t know how to easily do it! Thank you!

      1. Thank you! So we are selling the lbb varieties you put up, minus the lemon. (but including the 2 new ones).

  15. I love your website! I’ve tried making the list but I haven’t been successful. 😦 we’re aren’t selling the toffee-tastic so I was going to leave that and the “2 New Varieties” off. Maybe adding Craving cookies? in the center or the year. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

  16. So glad I found this post. I was going to make this myself, but figured there was a GS mom somewhere that had this already &save me some work. All I had to do was change the pricing sheet though to include a column for the GF cookies ($6 a box) and the rest to the new price ($5 a box). Thank you so much!!!

  17. Thank you for updating with the new flavors this year! We used this last year and all of the girls (and parents) loved it. Really helped the younger girls and boosted their confidence. Since my troop more than doubled in size we will be making new ones for everyone again this year. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful creation.

      1. Have you had a chance to make the new 2016 lanyards? If so, I was wondering if you would be so kind as to share it? I am a brand new Kindergarten Daisy troop leader and think this will be perfect to help my girls out during door to door sales.
        Thanks in advance for your help!

  18. I’m a new Daisy mom whoes super excited about GS and cookie season! Did you make the 2016 lanyards? If so could I get the file! Theses are amazing for the little girls.

  19. I’m not able to open the cookie variety sheet 2015 or super-six…is there a way you can email me the instructions. I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea of our Daisy Cookie College!! Thank you!

  20. Hi I am working with 12 afterschool programs who will be involved in cookie sales this year and this project would be wonderful! Do you have an updated current version you would share with me at Thank you this is a FABULOUS idea!!


  21. I believe there’s a typo; 5 yards of ribbon for 18 lanyards? I just did this and I only got 5 lanyards…no worries though, I’ll be heading back out to get more ribbon to finish this 🙂

  22. Hello – are you sharing a copy with the 2016 cookies? If yes, I’d love an updated version without the rah-rah raisins! Thanks again!

  23. I’m so sorry if you’re receiving this message 2x. I didn’t see it come up, so perhaps my computer didn’t post the initial comment. I’d love a copy for 2016…do you have one to share? Thank you SO much!

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