Spring Fever – Setting up a Garden Journal

Oh I have caught Spring Fever for sure!

I have gardening and yard work on the brain, I can not wait for the weather to break and the sun to shine so we can start planting.  But until then I will start planning.  And I can’t plan without an awesome Garden Journal/Smash Book.

So I made one that I love (even made my friend Deb one too so we can compare notes she is my garden guru after all)

Here is mine: It’s pretty simple just some scrapbook paper and stickers covering a composition notebook like this one

And some matching ribbon of course (-:


Some pictures of my peas in the front because they are so darn cute!


I clipped the seed packets to the front so I know what I liked from previous years I may tape them on the pages soon to make it easier to see them.


Some articles I liked in magazines so I could recycle what I did not need


A map that shows when to plant is always good and an envelope in the back for receipts and whatnot.


Covered the back with more scrap paper and there you have it now I can daydream and plan!


It might not be spring yet but I am sure ready!  I will just keep on planning (-:

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