What did you do this Christmas season??

This year I had the joy of making tons of gifts for teachers, co-workers and daycare providers and parents…..what all did I do you ask?

Well….First we threw the Riley Girl’s 3rd annual cookie party…..

They had so much fun!  I may blog about that one later there are so many pictures!  Then onto the important projects for the girls teachers and daycare givers, first I jazzed up clip boards and added some festive hand sanitizer for the oldest Peas teacher and librarian……

I had bought seven clip boards for her teachers well shame on me! She only had two female teachers the rest were men and they don’t want these!

 for her men teachers who teach music, gym, and art I made travel mugs with their names and class on them.  She also insisted we make a mug for her bus driver and the custodian which I gladly did!

In between all this I made over 20 batches of Reindeer Chow for my co-workers and Dad of 2 Peas co-workers!   this equated to almost 75 containers that we delivered.  I even made a bunch for the neighbors in big Christmas Ziplock Bags!   Needless to say my kitchen was filled was filled to the brim.  I wa so happy to deliver them this year!

But what about the littlest pea?? what about her little peeps? they can’t have regular chow it has peanuts!  Well for them I  made a toddler version of Reindeer Chow : cheerios, corn checks, colored goldfish crackers, pretzels and m&ms.  Put all that in Santa treat bags and  delivered on the 21st for their party.  They do a little gift exchange so we got her 1 year old friend a gift, wrapped that,  AND I made two CD scrapbooks for each of the caregivers.  A few weeks before the party I had taken the day off work to take pictures of the kids.  It was so much fun!  I took a group shot and laminated 5X7’s with a ribbon for the parents.

The night before Phoebe’s daycare party I made my first Big Top Cupcake for her and her friends!  I am no decorator but you can see I tried!  (it was one o’clock in the morning!)

We knew this year that Phoebe would never sit still for a good Christmas picture so we did our own with Smilebox.com printed them out here and mailed them all in the nick of time.  I also made the Grandparents an 8X10 and framed them the aunt and uncle got a 5X7 and it didn’t fit the 5X& frame so I got creative…. 

And added a strip of sparkle down the side!

So I was a little busy this season and I loved every waking moment of it (most of those hours being between seven PM and two AM).  I tried not to do any projects until the littlest pea was in bed and the oldest pea was watching tv then she would go to bed.  Oh and then I made a snow globe  for Uncle Fred with

Phoebe on one side and Pyper on the other! (I love this picture of Py’s hair!!)


…..and then a couple of stars one for my brother and sister in law and one for us!  I have made several as gifts but never made one for our house.  My in laws I did at midnight the night before we left to visit for Christmas yes it was another two AM night but so worth it!  My sister in law LOVED it…..or at least she was nice enough to say she did LOL !  I know I loved ours I had the dark brown star and used pictures from the pumpkin farm.


And that is what I did this season, it was our first year without Gram keeping busy like this really helped me hold it together I think.  Now I can catch up with all that scrap booking I am behind on (-: So  Happy New Year everyone may you have many happy scrappy days!

2 thoughts on “What did you do this Christmas season??

    1. I will have to come tell you all about them! Had Lillian over a few weeks ago and she made one for her parents it was beautiful!

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