Oldest Pea’s Search for College Scholarships

Hello faithful readers long time no article I promise to do better Covid has pretty much made life very interesting. During this pandemic the oldest pea will be graduating high school. I am so proud of this girl with all the struggles she is making it happen! And to top that off she was accepted into the school she wanted most University of Akron, like that of her Dad, Grandma Sharon, soon to be step Dad and her older cousin. She chose Akron to be close to her family both my side and her dad’s live up that way, to say she is excited is an understatement. One of the things we have found is that Akron is not financial help friendly so we have been trying to land scholarship through so far no success since she started to apply almost 6 months ago but we are not giving up! And trust me when I tell you we will let you know if anything comes out of this or not. The oldest pea deserves to start this next chapter of her life, close to family and preparing for a career she was made for. Unfortunately, for my pea she comes from a middle class divorced family and this Mom of Two Peas needs the help getting her there.

So without further ado my guest writer today my first born, The oldest Pea…..

Good morning Mom of 2 Peas readers I am Pyper, you may know me as the oldest pea. You have all been a part of my Mom’s journey of making the most out of family time with places to go and things to make today you get to read about my scholarship search using

I found while searching for a place to apply to many scholarships or grants all at one time or in one place. I reviewed quite a few an decided to use So far I have applied for 36 scholarships that I am eligible for. There are quite a few non essay scholarships that I have applied for based on bold points which is basically how strong your profile is to attract those scholarships aimed at your degree.

I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Forensics, I’ll admit there do not seem to be any scholarships based on that combination although there are many based on personal experiences. I have applied to several based on my experience with online and in person bullying and mental health. I have seen many scholarships open for anything from esports to legal as a degree. Trust me it’s there you can use the easy search button and find what you should apply for.

To make it easy and give me some bold points feel free to use my link to start you or you child’s profile:

Please wish me luck! We could use it school starts in August and I can not wait.

Thank you for reading!

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