iHeartFaces – Autumn Splendor

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It’s been awhile but I love love love my girls with a fall setting! So I had to enter this weeks iHeartFaces contest.

Every year we go to Circle S Farms to pick our pumpkins.  This year it was so windy the girls almost blew away!  I love this shot of the Peas when we first walked into the farm; the sun on Py’s red hair is lovely.

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Birthdays in the Riley household are always big, I admit it I go overboard but I love to plan a kid’s party.  This year however we found ourselves down a job, Dad of 2 Peas was without employment for several months so a large party wasn’t in the cards.  I was nervous and sad to tell the oldest pea that a party wasn’t going to happen. After all, I got her used to them.

Py had been talking about her birthday for months, she wanted Chuck E Cheese, no she wanted Pinkalicious again, NO let’s do a rock party again……so I asked her……”Py what do you want to do for your birthday?”  to my surprise she replied “Mom I just want a sleepover with my friends”.  Seriously? you got it!

All she wanted was to be with her friends and have fun so that’s what she got. They sang and danced with the Wii.  They had a pillow pet fight, they decorated pillow cases with material paint to take home, they ate pizza and a homemade birthday cake (made with the as seen on tv Big Top Cupcake!) and other sugary treats. It was just me and 6 little girls laughing all night, we had such a great time.

Now, I know that I go overboard every birthday but that’s this Mom’s thing (-:

So look out 8th birthday Mommy’s planning now!

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IHeartFaces Anything But A Face Photo Challenge


This weeks photo challenge on iheartfaces.com is Anything But A Face.  I was feeling like I needed a reminder of Spring, this winter seems like it has lasted too long.  I looked back at some photos and found this one of Phoebe and the memory came flooding back.

We had gotten a call earlier that day that Chad’s Grandfather had made a turn for the worse and we needed to come to the nursing home where he was living.  We rushed home from work packed up the girls and drove the two hours to get there.  It was a really long day for the girls, but they were so good.  Family was in and out and I swear Phoebe never made a peep or even acted like she minded being in a stroller most the time. 

My sister-in-law and I would periodically take the girls out and walk  around the grounds.  I got this picture of Phoebe watching the ducks in their pond, pretty sure it was the first time she ever saw ducks in real life.  She was so tickled and it was a little ray of light on that day.   Chad’s Grandfather passed away that week and we came back the next weekend for the funeral.  Only one day later my Grandmother who raised me and my siblings died .  The contrast of grief from one family to another was amazingly different.  But the one thing that remained the same during the most difficult time of our lives was how well-behaved our daughters were while we dealt with the loss of our loved ones. 

Funny how a simple picture can say all that, but to me it does.

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iHeartfaces Challange…..cell phone pics

****spelled Challenge wrong in the title how embarrassing!  Unfortunately I can’t change it or I won’t be link in to the contest please forgive the error (-: ****

And BOY do I have a lot of those!

So many in fact I think I will be show some in another post (-:  it’s funny how most the photo’s on my phone have the best memories of the girls. 

On this particular day I was so sick, I didn’t want to get out of my robe.  My girls tried so hard to make me feel better.  At one point they decided that they too needed to get into their robes and just sit on the couch like I was.  I had my cell phone sitting there and snapped this photo.  I posted the original on my facebook account and for this contest I messed around with my phone setting and found the retro app.  How fun is it to look at them as if it were my sister Shelia and I in the 70’s!  I absolutely love this picture I hope you do too!

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iheartfaces……….innocent wonder


    Saturday morning when the girls woke up even more sniffly and coughing a little harder than this past week I had to break their little hearts and tell them we couldn’t go see PapPap like this.  I promised next weekend we would stay the whole weekend and not just a day, that made them feel a little better only it was still going to be a pretty boring day stuck in the house and with bed head at that!

    That’s when Dad of 2 Peas came to the rescue with Play Dough!    Pyper loves play dough but Phoebe hadn’t played with it so she got some lessons from her Daddy on how to make a snake.  (because even a two-year old can make a snake and be proud).  And boy was she proud as you can see it wasn’t too long after that she made pancakes and blobs  (-;

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    Winter Wonderland the newest iHeartFaces contest!

     Winter Wonderland??….

    Well not so much but such a fun day for Pyper and Dad of 2 Peas none the less !

    Pyper had been so excited to wear her new snow pants that the first time that it didn’t matter how much snow was on the ground she wanted out there.  She wanted to make her snow angel and have a snow ball fight only she had no idea how to make a snow ball.   She tried so hard and finally asked for help,  her Daddy was more than happy to make her a few and then she was on her own…..Let the snow ball fight begin!   That was when I quietly slipped inside this Mom of 2 Peas did not want to be in this fight (-:

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    A Smirk is just an undercover Smile!

    This weeks I Heart Faces contest is Smirk….I knew just by the subject this would be a shot of Phoebe.  Oh yes the youngest pea is not one to ham it up for the camera like her older sister.  Where did I go wrong?  (I say in jest!)

    This is at the Columbus Zoo the day after her second birthday, we made a pit stop while the big girls were at the playground with Aunt Dawn.   While waiting for Daddy I started taking pictures of my beautiful two-year old.  You can see by the look on her face she was just appeasing me by sitting there.   I love that pea from the tips pf her pony tails to the bottom of those cute shoes!

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    I Heart Faces….PURPLE~

    I had so many purple things in mind when I saw this weeks challenge having two small girls it was easy so I started to look through my pictures and saw this SO MUCH PURPLE and a little back story on each one.   Here Pyper is sound asleep with her tooth fairy pillow next to her.  It was her first tooth and every time I peeked in she had that little pillow in a different spot.  Now on with the purple!

    What stuck out:

    FIRST :

    The Blue’s Clue’s blanket we call it Blue for short around here Py got it at a yard sale when she was two and hasn’t let go of it since.  My sister even found an identical one on eBay just in case she ever lost it.  We go to see my family a lot and stay over and on several occasions I would pack on Thursday night and pick up Py from the sitter’s place and go straight there after work on Fridays.  One particular Friday I grabbed everything and tossed it in the car.   Pyper got in the car and looked at her blanket smelled it and asked where Blue was……I grabbed the wrong one.  She was good about it but was sure to tell me nothing can replace Blue not even another Blue.


    Those striped walls Py’s room was the first one we painted when we moved in the house and I wanted it to be perfect but I will be the first to admit I have no decorating sense.   After much discussion with my friend Jen, we ran to the store and just ran with the colors! Purple, cotton candy pink and lime green.  Py loved it! she helped pick out her bedding which was purple and pink princesses in the summer and just purple for the winter (seen here). 

    and THIRD:

    That pink and purple Tinkerbell kid sized body pillow; Py got it for Christmas when she was three. Just like the Blue blanket she hasn’t used another pillow since and I am pretty sure the next time we wash it, it will fall apart.  But unfortunately, we couldn’t find an exact replica of this pillow so I bought another Tinkerbell body pillow.  Notice that it is only used under her favorite one. 

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    I Heart Faces …..Babies

    As I have said time and time before I am certainly not a professional photog but I love taking pictures of my babies!

    This is the oldest pea visiting the littlest pea the evening after she was born.  She was so excited she asked her grandparents if she could wear that dress, a necklace and a headband.  You know she had to look good for her new baby sister (-:   I thought she looked too grown!

    Phoebe’s birth day was very special for Py, unfortunately we went through a miscarriage before Phoebe was born.  It was very hard to explain to a then almost four-year old that Mommy didn’t have a baby in her belly anymore.  So when we were blessed with getting pregnant again we waited to tell her until we thought we were in the clear.  She was very very excited and still wanted a sister just like each of her cousins (both Chad’s brother and my sister has two girls now Chad’s other brother does too!).   Her dream came true September 11, 2008 and she beamed the whole time!

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    I Heart Faces - Photo Challenges, Tutorials and Tips


    I Heart Faces weekly challenge is “smile”! ~With a challenge like this there are bound to be a ton of entries to enjoy.

    Here is mine: Easter morning at the in laws house our niece Madison came over and the girls wan ted to play outside.  It wasn’t long before we were all out there! ~

    Phoebe being the youngest just took it all in she would run around with the big girls, play withe her Daddy and Grands but most the time she held the shed up and just laughed and smiled.  I love her smile……



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    I Heart Faces - Photo Challenges, Tutorials and Tips