Birthdays in the Riley household are always big, I admit it I go overboard but I love to plan a kid’s party.  This year however we found ourselves down a job, Dad of 2 Peas was without employment for several months so a large party wasn’t in the cards.  I was nervous and sad to tell the oldest pea that a party wasn’t going to happen. After all, I got her used to them.

Py had been talking about her birthday for months, she wanted Chuck E Cheese, no she wanted Pinkalicious again, NO let’s do a rock party again……so I asked her……”Py what do you want to do for your birthday?”  to my surprise she replied “Mom I just want a sleepover with my friends”.  Seriously? you got it!

All she wanted was to be with her friends and have fun so that’s what she got. They sang and danced with the Wii.  They had a pillow pet fight, they decorated pillow cases with material paint to take home, they ate pizza and a homemade birthday cake (made with the as seen on tv Big Top Cupcake!) and other sugary treats. It was just me and 6 little girls laughing all night, we had such a great time.

Now, I know that I go overboard every birthday but that’s this Mom’s thing (-:

So look out 8th birthday Mommy’s planning now!

Be sure to head over to iHeartFaces.com and check out the other stories and fabulous pics!


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