iHeartfaces Challange…..cell phone pics

****spelled Challenge wrong in the title how embarrassing!  Unfortunately I can’t change it or I won’t be link in to the contest please forgive the error (-: ****

And BOY do I have a lot of those!

So many in fact I think I will be show some in another post (-:  it’s funny how most the photo’s on my phone have the best memories of the girls. 

On this particular day I was so sick, I didn’t want to get out of my robe.  My girls tried so hard to make me feel better.  At one point they decided that they too needed to get into their robes and just sit on the couch like I was.  I had my cell phone sitting there and snapped this photo.  I posted the original on my facebook account and for this contest I messed around with my phone setting and found the retro app.  How fun is it to look at them as if it were my sister Shelia and I in the 70’s!  I absolutely love this picture I hope you do too!

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