IHeartFaces Anything But A Face Photo Challenge


This weeks photo challenge on iheartfaces.com is Anything But A Face.  I was feeling like I needed a reminder of Spring, this winter seems like it has lasted too long.  I looked back at some photos and found this one of Phoebe and the memory came flooding back.

We had gotten a call earlier that day that Chad’s Grandfather had made a turn for the worse and we needed to come to the nursing home where he was living.  We rushed home from work packed up the girls and drove the two hours to get there.  It was a really long day for the girls, but they were so good.  Family was in and out and I swear Phoebe never made a peep or even acted like she minded being in a stroller most the time. 

My sister-in-law and I would periodically take the girls out and walk  around the grounds.  I got this picture of Phoebe watching the ducks in their pond, pretty sure it was the first time she ever saw ducks in real life.  She was so tickled and it was a little ray of light on that day.   Chad’s Grandfather passed away that week and we came back the next weekend for the funeral.  Only one day later my Grandmother who raised me and my siblings died .  The contrast of grief from one family to another was amazingly different.  But the one thing that remained the same during the most difficult time of our lives was how well-behaved our daughters were while we dealt with the loss of our loved ones. 

Funny how a simple picture can say all that, but to me it does.

Check out all the other fascinating stories and No-Face pics over at iheartfaces.com and thanks for reading mine (-:

3 thoughts on “IHeartFaces Anything But A Face Photo Challenge

  1. I’m so sorry for your families’ losses. It is amazing how much a picture can hold…your photo is so vibrant. Hopefully a reminder of lives lived, as well as your time together during a difficult period. Thankful for the rays of light that manage to make their way through the darkness.

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