Photo Books

When you walk into my office downtown it has a wall of art…..preschool and kindergarten art.  I often get asked the question what do you do with all that art work this can’t be it!    It’s not trust me I have tons and that’s just one daughter’s work.  So a few years ago I started taking pictures of the art work before we tossed it away. (Dad of Two Peas swears this was his idea….so we will give him the credit) 

 Not only did it make me feel better but it made Pyper feels better too; we weren’t just tossing aside her hard work, we were keeping it forever on the computer!  I do have to admit if anything was painted with her little hand prints then I did keep those.  I mean come on!  I have to keep some right?

I then realized after taking all these pictures what a great idea to make them into a book, you can do it anywhere anymore I did ours through I love that site.  After we made the art books we gave them to the grandparents for Christmas a couple of years ago.  My Gram LOVED it, her hairdresser told us at the funeral that Gram was so proud of all us she took down pictures to show off every week.  One week she took the art book and just gloated! 

Here is part of the one we made …enjoy the art (-:

I started off with a super cute picture of my princess…..

Pyper picked out all the pictures for her grandparent’s book herself.




We ended the book with an I love you to her grands (-:

  She was so excited to see it come in the mail and even more excited to give it to them!

So next time you are cleaning and are up to your ears in your child’s art….photograph it and keep it forever!~


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