I Heart Faces….PURPLE~

I had so many purple things in mind when I saw this weeks challenge having two small girls it was easy so I started to look through my pictures and saw this SO MUCH PURPLE and a little back story on each one.   Here Pyper is sound asleep with her tooth fairy pillow next to her.  It was her first tooth and every time I peeked in she had that little pillow in a different spot.  Now on with the purple!

What stuck out:


The Blue’s Clue’s blanket we call it Blue for short around here Py got it at a yard sale when she was two and hasn’t let go of it since.  My sister even found an identical one on eBay just in case she ever lost it.  We go to see my family a lot and stay over and on several occasions I would pack on Thursday night and pick up Py from the sitter’s place and go straight there after work on Fridays.  One particular Friday I grabbed everything and tossed it in the car.   Pyper got in the car and looked at her blanket smelled it and asked where Blue was……I grabbed the wrong one.  She was good about it but was sure to tell me nothing can replace Blue not even another Blue.


Those striped walls Py’s room was the first one we painted when we moved in the house and I wanted it to be perfect but I will be the first to admit I have no decorating sense.   After much discussion with my friend Jen, we ran to the store and just ran with the colors! Purple, cotton candy pink and lime green.  Py loved it! she helped pick out her bedding which was purple and pink princesses in the summer and just purple for the winter (seen here). 

and THIRD:

That pink and purple Tinkerbell kid sized body pillow; Py got it for Christmas when she was three. Just like the Blue blanket she hasn’t used another pillow since and I am pretty sure the next time we wash it, it will fall apart.  But unfortunately, we couldn’t find an exact replica of this pillow so I bought another Tinkerbell body pillow.  Notice that it is only used under her favorite one. 

 Enjoy looking over at Iheartfaces.com to see a gazillion other purplicious entries!


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