iheartfaces……….innocent wonder


    Saturday morning when the girls woke up even more sniffly and coughing a little harder than this past week I had to break their little hearts and tell them we couldn’t go see PapPap like this.  I promised next weekend we would stay the whole weekend and not just a day, that made them feel a little better only it was still going to be a pretty boring day stuck in the house and with bed head at that!

    That’s when Dad of 2 Peas came to the rescue with Play Dough!    Pyper loves play dough but Phoebe hadn’t played with it so she got some lessons from her Daddy on how to make a snake.  (because even a two-year old can make a snake and be proud).  And boy was she proud as you can see it wasn’t too long after that she made pancakes and blobs  (-;

    Be sure to head over to www.iHeartFace.com to check out all the other entries I know they will be amazing!

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