Sick kids?? craft it up!

One of my FAVORITE vendors is the Oriental Trading Company, if you follow my blog you will see the trend.  I purchase ALOT from this website .  They are inexpensive and carry something for every party we throw, every page I scrap and tons of crafts for the kids.  I stocked up for the winter with enough so the neighbor kids could do some things too!   Today we busted out the crafts since we are stuck inside with a couple of coughing and running nosed peas.  We decided with the snow we would make snow measuring sticks even Dad of 2 Peas kicked in to help!

We used the plastic yard signs from election time to catch the glue….see we are green!   Reduce – Reuse – Recycle!

Even Phoebe enjoyed this one!  I loved watching her little fingers at work.

 Chad and I made one too!

 He put the parts in order and I glued them down while he helped the littlest pea glue her pieces down, the oldest pea needed no help thank you very much LOL!

 her finished product…..

Phoebe’s finished product!  Still drying (-”


So much fun for a couple of sickies!  Dad of 2 Peas just went to bed and guess what? He started coughing…..but he said he loved today even  if we were stuck in the house.  He started the morning with play dough, had tickle fest 2011 and then these little snowman measuring sticks. 

It was a good day!

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