The Pink (and purple) of it All

When I looked around all I could see was pink, yes I have two little ladies but in what rule book did it say every room they occupy needed to be pink???  So I put my mind to work what could we do to this PINK (and purple) playroom to make it fun and not so froo froo (is that a word and it so did I spell it right?)

DSC05501And lets face it the playroom never stays clean and with not having a door to shut I was losing my mind cleaning it up after the girls “cleaned”.

DSC01370Now bring that this is a playroom we haven’t painted the walls and won’t until our youngest is a little more grown.  So I wanted to do something to sort of cover enough of the marks on the wall without full wall paper!

I wanted a fun theme and something we all would like and who doesn’t like movies right??

157837161910269471_pPRFRaBH_bIt was decided and therefore my next few post will be all about our playroom redo!

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