Spring FEVER ! ! !

“Mommy Daddy, can we go outside?”     “No honey it’s raining”     “I never get to go outsiiiiiiide”

So when the nicer days came around Py and Phoebe  finally got to ride their bikes and take walks around the block but not the back yard it was still too muddy….until


It seemed like the sky opened up and all the Peas joy came falling down …. in the back yard ~ this is the face I got when I told her she could play in the back yard she was kind of tired of the front already how could that be???

Yea!  The girls got these ribbons from Santa and waited all winter to break them out they jumped, ran and spun all over……….

 Oh the Phoebes she kept getting just enough wind to wave her ribbon high above I never heard her giggle so much!  


Dropped the ribbon remember we have a play gym! wait wait…..

What is Pyper doing??   looks like more fun so she will just grab the ribbon one more time….. 

HMMM she wasn’t up for jumping so to the play gym it is!



More jumping?

Mom seriously I’m not jumping~

I will climb though or attempt to!

She’s gonna do it to!  I was too afraid she might fall so I put the camera down but trust this mommy she made it!

Then the swings these girls LOVE the swings I got tons of cute pictures but this one was hysterical!  Mid-flight funky faces!

OOOH my husband Dad of 2 Peas bought my soil today too, Pyper is very excited she went with him to Lowes and next week she will go with my for seeds…just a sneak peek of blogs to come (-:

And back to the ribbons because now they make shadows!

Then a little visit from Daddy and Professor Puffington to show off the ribbon dances!

See Daddy!

Pyper clearly happy to do more jumping….Phoebe not impressed lol!

So back to the swing!  Because she LOVES it!!!

But this one the ribbon was he best toy of the day, trying to get Phoebe to keep playing with hers…

And it worked again with the “I want down Mommy” so she could play ribbons….

So as we were gathering ourselves to go in for bath time Py made one last wave of the ribbon…..until tomorrow!

Spring has finally arrived and this year Phoebe is ready to try to keep up with the big kids.  Both girls got new bikes from PapPap for Christmas, new sidewalk chalk and the ribbons we are prepared (-: Since these pictures were taken Py and Phoebe have gone on numberous bike rides with Daddy and walks with us.  Not to mention there is always a neighbor friend to play with!

So get outside and enjoy Spring won’t be long until it’s Summer!

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