Pyper’s first field trip……THE ZOO……in the SNOW!

Pyper’s first field trip how could we not go !   For weeks Pyper was excited Mom and Dad were going to chaperone and the letter we got sent to us said we would be in charge of 7 children.  I was excited too (-:  Dad of 2 Peas and I got to the school that morning for a quick review of what we were doing only to find out we weren’t the only ones excited………

 there were so many parents we only got 3 children!  and that was because one of the grandparents didn’t show.  

As soon as we got in the gate our girls took off! Yes this was what we would see the whole days running in joy from exhibit to exhibit!

The girls had their agenda they wanted to get to the Polar Bears and fast!   But we made frequent stops along the way..the the goats because they could pet them and brush them…….

and Pyper!

Then we went on a Moose hunt well you know what I mean….they had the signs and all the antlers up but no Moose! But…..

it was super close to the Polar Bears!  They were so excited and our one little friends Gram showed up!

Seeing them from the top of the exhibit was cool but seeing them from the bottom EVEN COOLER!

After hanging out with the Polars for awhile Dad of 2 Peas and the littles were trying to map out where to go next… was then it started snowing and they got hungry so we stopped to eat and ran into lots of other school friends.


She sat with her buddies and teacher so we decided we would go with them too (the teacher had the more active kids so we thought we could help)…….

Now we had 6 children and a teacher let the fun begin! Now as everyone knows I love to take pictures and I thought these friends will never slow down enough to get any BOY was I wrong! They wanted pictures constinately….kidws after my own heart letting the mamaratzzi do as she pleased (-:

We then made our way to Africa there we saw Elephants, a Rhino and some monkeys!

Do you see the baby? It was so hard to tell by that tail belongs to the baby!

Had to bang the drum!

They saw Tigers they were amazing ev en this wooden one kept their attention!  I told them to growl the little one on the end was so cute!

now they got it!!!! how me your inner tiger!

The Lions were ready to pounce ! its hard to see but a teeny bunny rabbit was taunting them they were going nuts it I hope you can see the lion on the left and the bunny close to the tree.

Next was the aquarium I admit I wish there was more or more tanks but this was a pretty cool picture of the group!

I love this picture!

The kids were tired of being indoors they wanted to scream and run so we ran to the penguins ….well the bottom half of a hiding penguin anyway.   He was too cold to some out in the snow imagine that!

I have no idea what everyone was looking at but they sure were mesmerized!

Looking for monkeys … monkey monkey monkey … monkey!

The Reptile House ~ we met lots of other school kids in here too probably because it was nice and warm!

This Ball Python…..didn’t phase Pyper a bit….

This lizard…..

Scared the pants off her! (she saw his tongue and freaked out!)

We had time for one last picture with the Kimodo Dragon and one last exhibit before the kids had to get back to the bus….

Our rambunctious group chose the African Gorillas they did not read the sign LOL

Everyone was at the same window…..what in the world were they all looking at??

A BABY!!!!!! What a wonderful sight a baby and her mama sorry the pictures are a little out of focus he was a busy little thing (-:

OK OK one last picture with the Gorilla statue (-: then off to meet the rest of the class……

While we waited it was still snowing a steady light snow as it had all day, so light the camera never really picked it up…..

Until now! just in time to get back to the school!

Chad and I had a great time with all those peanuts well lets just call them  Peas (-:

If you have never been to the Columbus Zoo you should visit this summer they have lots to do in the summer go to the website at 

Have a great day~!  Be sure to leave me a comment blog about your field trip with your kids and share the link I would love to read all about it!

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