Proudest Moment as a Mom

Yesterdays Social Mom Prompt was just this what has been your proudest moment as a mom so far…..well that was a hard one the Peas make me so proud all the time with all kinds of things.  But for this post I want to talk about how proud I was when Py became a big sister. 

Pyper was so excited to be a big sister, we had lost a child at 12 weeks a year before so when we got pregnant again we weren’t sure we should tell her yet.  It was awfully hard telling her when we miscarried she was only 3 and didn’t quite understand.  She had been talking about it for weeks and even chose the name Meat YES Meat for the baby.  So we tried again we waited until after the 12 week check up to tell her.  She was so happy but asked a lot if the baby was “still in there”.   We made sure that she knew she was just as loved as always and that a new person was going to love her just as much.  We made sure that she was at the hospital and we even got her a Big Sister care package to take with her.  A new Princess bag with new books about siblings and that one book everyone has “I Love You This Much”!   She was most excited about the sash (-:

I love this picture she got to see the baby wheeled in to get her first bath and my Grandma got the BEST picture of her watching through the window. (PS I did not pick those shoes LOL)

My in-laws were sweet enough to stay with Pyper while we were in the hospital Dad of  NOW 2 Peas never left the hospital just like when she was born.  The next day they brought her in to really meet her new little sister Phoebe.  She dressed up for the occasion and worn a necklace and everything.  She was so darn cute I just cried! she looked too grown for a 4-year-old.  Then Chad placed Phoebe in her arms you would have thought fireworks went off the look in her face; she was so happy and I was so proud.

*Beaming* (and look at that curl fyi this is my screen saver at work I have yet to change it!)

The sister love fest never stopped when we got home either, where ever that little pea was there was Pyper. 


Yes she really did fall asleep this way (- ;

Now look at them!  Dance Parties every night in the playroom!  Phoebe is now 2 and a half and Pyper as she will tell you is 6 and a half!   Now they can play and argue and just be sisters.  No more baby lying around for her to hold but she still hugs her a lot and kissed her head even if she doesn’t want her too LOL!

And she teachers her fashion….winter hats in the dead of last summer(surely to hide all that crazy hair) !  Who doesn’t think that’s sharp (-:

Not to mention keeping her and US laughing!

Now Phoebe wants to do everything Pyper does, repeats everything and sometimes sounds just like her being snarky! AH sister love you gotta love this age.

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Let me know your links too I would love to read them!

3 thoughts on “Proudest Moment as a Mom

  1. So sweet! Loved reading about the peas can not believe I am the firs to comment~ keep ’em coming I will return….btw love love love Phoebe’s name LOL

  2. Oh my goodness, that big ol’ carrot top grin is too, too beautiful in those photos of her becoming a big sister. Gotta say, watching my little man grow into his big brother role was definitely one of my proudest Mommy moments, too. 🙂

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