Pyper’s 5th ROCK STAR Birthday party was a hit!

From the decorations, to the cake and games the kids had a blast!   Since the party was supposed to be mainly outside we had to compromise on a lot of our plans since the rain came down.   But I think it was BETTER  and I had lots of help I have some pretty awesome friends and in-laws.  Py had about 13 friends here with moms and some dads too.  So here’s the set up I hope if you are planning a rock star party these ideas come in handy! 

I am a planner and I started purchasing items for this party in May.  Ebay and Oriental Trading Company were the best. 

My list of “stuff'”

  • I started getting posters from everywhere  Icould find them, Disney rock stars she is 5 after all (-:
  • Staff T-Shirts for my party helpers off ebay
  • Roll of red plastic table cloth we got this for the red carpet that the kids could walk into the house while the papparazzi would take thier pictures as they were walking in.  Then our friend Art was going to let them in from there if they made “the List”.  I LOVED this idea but the rain would have made it a slip and slide so it was a no go.
  • Blow up guitars and microphones from oriental trading co
  • little cloth bags for the pinata loot from joanne’s
  • pinata Hannah Montana from Walmart
  • balloons and I bought one of those prefilled tanks (they are worthless the balloons lasted just the one day) from Party City
  • plates, forks, spoons and tablecloths Party City
  • I used my Cricut to make backstage passes
  • I had a “List” with the kids names on it
  • Cake and the food of course we went for pizza, chips and veggies
  • for the loot bags to take home we had little yoyos, rubber balls with stars, stickers, ring pop, stencils with starts and guitars and more stickers from oriental trading company
  • candy (twizzlers and POP ROCKS) and pop corn
  • I took pictures of Py turned them into posters by editing them at for free and ordered poster size from they were 11X17 so frame-able after the party.
  • Her Disney PlayList CD

For the VIP Loft I stocked a mini fridge full of adult beverages and had wine with snacks for adults only and a sign was posted 21 and over.    Parents were able to relax while the bottom floor rocked on!

Here are some snapshots to get ideas:  you can look at the earlier post for the awesome invites we sent out….

Here are the back stage passes I made:




  The VIP Loft where adults were only allowed to relax while the kids played.


My disclaimer I do not drink wine I bought them strictly on how fun the bottles looked so if they were nasty I apologized up front. 


 The decorations were meant to be for all along the fence in the backyard but since it rained we improvised and decorated the foyer, her playroom and the dining room.  Here is one of her posters “ONE DAY ONLY – Pyper Sinclair Riley LIVE”!


 There are two more of her between the Disney girls.


 She picked the Nick Jonas one herself ….Oh BOY



 There is a black and white print of Py because we were going to do pin the guitar on the rock star but we ran out of time.


 Here is our friend Art checking “the list” if the kids were on the list they were let in and Chad my husband gave them thier backstage pass.  Art’s wife our friend Lisa and my Sister in Law Dawn were the paparazzi so we got shots of every guest!  reminds me I need to get those pics from her camera I bet they are great too!   I got rock star frames for the refrigerator so when we send out the thank you notes it will include the frame and thier paparazzi shot.


The kids freeze danced since my little rock star didn’t understand air guitar…it was fun either way!


 Once “frozen” our new friend Tina got all the kids in a row for a group shot she was amazing, a great help everyone loved her.  She was a school mom so it was great to connect.


 The most awesome cake ever!


 Get ’em Py! 



After the cake and the gifts we busted the pinata in the playroom all the kids pulled a string and nothing happened so we shook it above them and let the kids dive in. 


We had such a great time and I am pretty sure everyone else did too!   (don’t mind me it was the end of the party and I look a mess! I never post pics of myself so here it is folks)


I just love this shot of Phoebe and had to add it she is practicing for her rock star party in 4 years LOL!

I hope that if you are planning your own party that we could help!


8 thoughts on “Pyper’s 5th ROCK STAR Birthday party was a hit!

  1. Hi webmaster, commenters and everybody else !!! The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need!b Keep ’em coming… you all do such a great job at such Concepts… can’t tell you how much I, for one appreciate all you do!

  2. I loved the ideas I am planning a rock star party for my God daughter who will be turning 5 and this was a big help to me, thanks.

  3. I am loving the red carpet and pappa ratzi and the list what fun. I found ur blog googling ideas for my daughters tenth birthday we have already deciced to have a rock star party I will also be getting a karaoke machine I hope it turns out as good as yours sounded !!! Thank you for being a big help !!

  4. Super cute got a few idea’s for my sons 3rd birthday coming up in june 🙂 like the posters of here and the staff shirts were a awesome touch

  5. Fabulous. That was super enlightening. Simply wanted to say thanks…
    Looking forward to the next good article. ( Please post quicker ha-ha)

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