Py’s garden update

Well friends it seems as though our first venture with gardening was not as fruitful as we had hoped.  In fact I think it’s dead I don’t know if its the dried shrivelled up blossoms all over the place or perhaps the yellow brown leaves.  Either way I see no veggies in site.  Lucky for us we came home to a flier on our mailbox that told us about a small farm around the corner that now has a farmer’s market! 

Just to share the ups and downs of out garden here are some pictures….


It really was looking really good!


Yep….started to turn brown and yellow looked for bugs but saw none!


Nature parted the garden with it’s crazy rain storms….


I thought maybe it would get better and there were signs of regrowth…..but it now looks like this…..


It was verified by my garden guru Debbie that there are indeed squash bugs in here.  I showed the pictures and she described other things not shown in the pictures.  Such as blooms falling off and slits in the stems with the yellow insides falling out…..So friends, fellow gardeners, bloggers and just plain looky loos … should i dig everything up? Can I plant something else this late in the season?  Maybe some fall pumpkins? some squash of some sort??? grass??   Py and I have decided to call this year a learning season and next year we will kick some serious veggie tail!

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