Troop 1391’s First GORP Cermony

This summer our troop will be getting ready for camp, and I plan on doing  something camp oriented at every meeting until we go.  This meeting we did the Gorp Ceremony so they could learn about this tasty trail mix and have a meaningful ceremony too. Total cost for the below was $88.74 yes I could have gotten the less expensive versions but it was our first one so I splurged on the girls.  Next time I will be more frugal (-:


I had each girl come up, sanitize their hands and take an ingredient…..


The awesome thing is I have 14 scouts and there are 14 ingredients it was perfect! ( although my co-leader did step in the night of our meeting as one was a no show)  Once they all had something they stood in a circle with me and a trash bag in the middle….now as a side note always use a very strong trash bag I had no idea it would get so heavy (-:


with each line I read the Scout would add her ingredient into the bag…(oops fuzzy pic!)


I had a bunch of Moms at our meeting that night once I put the heavy bag on the picnic table, they took over and mixed it. (I think they were excited to eat it too) 


We gave it to the girls in cups while they did a craft and even shared with a Boy Scout Troop that was there making terrariums.  Although a side note I am still a little salty about the boys not saying thank you…..ANYWHO


Here is the script for the ceremony it was very fun!

Girl Scout Gorp Ceremony

This ceremony can be used as you create some very special gorp with your girls
before heading off on an outdoor adventure.

Today we will build a nifty snack to nourish our bodies. It symbolizes how the
many ways of Girl Scouting nourishes our spirits.

We have a Promise and a Law. On our honor, we will to do our best to be fair
and square.
So we will begin with CHEX.

Girl Scouts come in all colors, from all races around the world. Every Girl Scout is
a sister no matter where she is from, no matter the language she speaks, no
matter the color of her skin. God loves variety, and Girl Scouts are the colors of
the rainbow.
So we will contribute M & Ms.

Some of us are tall, and some of us are small. When we get together, size
doesn’t matter at all.

Sometimes we are nutty. We love to joke and play. We’d love to put a Girl Scout
smile into everyone’s day.
So we will toss in NUTS. (Or shredded coconut or corn nuts in case of nut

Sometimes we are quiet and thoughtful. We have special gifts of love and caring
to give in service to those who need our help.
So we will sprinkle in TEDDY GRAMS.

When we get together, we seem to make circles. We may sit in circles, play circle
games, and make a Friendship Circle. You could say that we are well rounded.
So we will roll in CHEERIOS.

When we are busy planning a project, or doing a craft, we pop with enthusiasm
until we’re done.
So we will pop in POPCORN.

Girl Scouts respect all living things. The earth is our home, and we want to keep
it safe for everyone.
So we will release GOLDFISH & ANIMAL CRACKERS to the mix.

Girl Scouts are “chips off the old block”. Girl Scouting began in 1912. Since then
we all have been part of an old tradition, and are proud to be part of the future.
So we will drop in CHIPS.

We get a kick out of learning new things, helping others, singing, and being
together with our friends.
So we will kick in KIX.

Young Girl Scouts may be hard to resist because they are fresh, sweet and new.
But the older scout maybe more fun, because she has more experience.
So we will put in RAISINS.

Girls who come to Girl Scouts bloom. They are like little seeds we water and
warmly shine on to grow up strong.
So we will finish with scattering these SUNFLOWER SEEDS.

So we can see that when we mix together the many ways of Girl Scouts we end
up with something truly special!

Here is the PDF if you want to print it out I found it on Google !

I am so excited about our meetings aimed at camp I will be sure to post more when I can (-:

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