Pyper Pea’s 9th Year Interview

Pyper is 9!  


So it’s that time of year and this time when I broke open the old lap top to start her interview she jumped up she was so excited.

  This is the best part of my birthday Mom! (That made me feel pretty good J )­

Pyper What is your favorite song?  Heart Attack by Demi Lovato I can tell by the way you belt it out in the car !

Who is your best friend?  You really? Yes and I love you (Hmmm maybe because I just took her shopping at her fave store LOL but I will cherish that answer forever )

What is your favorite game at recess?  Tether Ball….Why?  Because I finally get to win at something …. Awe  that was sort of sad what games do you not win at? I don’t know (well ok then)

What is your favorite Breakfast food?  Yogurt and Granola (Well I guess some thing do change this is the first in 9 years its usually pancakes) Lunch? Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich How about dinner?? Pizza (used to be her favorite lunch food wise some things NEVER change!)

OK how about your favorite movie?  I can’t say until I see Monsters University …fair enough and Book?? Dork Diaries…..(she read this whole series I need to buy the last one though!)  and your favorite tv show? Austin and Aly (maybe because that is what is on right now LOL)  OK how about ice cream ??? what’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Mint chocolate chip….gross Py every year I say gross to your ice cream favorites… Oh Mom!

Py what is your least favorite thing? To not be able to hang out with my family and friends… again I saw AWE 

Favorite thing to learn?? Science  that’s my girl I would like to thank our mutual love of Dr Who (:

What would you do with a million dollars?? What I would do with a million dollars is buy stuff for my mom instead of buying stuff for me and daddy and Phoebe.….why? because my mom (who she is talking to by the way) who always buys for us and I want to buy her stuff back…thank you baby (-:

OK quick answers!

What is your favorite:

color – blue    smell – flowers    clothing – dresses shapea peace sign A peace signs not a shape it’s a symbol Py….fine a star.  (THIS WHOLE SHAPE EXCHANGED HAPPENED JUST LIKE LAST YEAR SO FUNNY!)

Who is your favorite boy?  Daddy…. why is he your favorite?  Because he is the one who made me here…I can not refute that.

If you were a baby animal what would you be?  A baby cheetah Cute!

OK my favorite question…what is your favorite thing about sissy?? That she cares for me (she said this after much thought and as her sister was staring her down, it was so sweet I teared up then immediately dried up when Phoebe screamed that Pyper’s foot was touching her eek) …

2 questions Py wanted me to ask her last year that we will continue to ask:

What is your favorite type of music?  Pop; Like Diet Coke? MOOOOM (hee hee)

What is your favorite flavor of gum?  Extra Lemon Square  ME TOO!

As Py gets older I can see the changes in her answers that just shows how much she has grown.  This years interview  was awesome as usual but even more awesome was seeing how much love this pea has in her answers.  I will always treasure these interviews. Happy Birthday to my first Pea  love you so much!

(you can look back at old post to see her previous interviews)


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