I want to go to Pizza Planet, Mommy!

Last year we went to Disney World, it was the oldest peas second time and the littlest peas first time.  Before we got there Pyper was sure to tell Phoebe everything she remembered and that we had to eat at Pizza Planet like on Toy Story.  And of course we did!   Now one year later Phoebe sparks up about wanting to eat at Pizza Planet, so we explained its at Disney and we would have to wait until next year.   She was so sad and just walked away.  That is when the light bulb went off and I talked to Dad of 2 Peas….we are going to have to have a Pizza Planet night just for Phoebe.   After all I had just spent a whole month full of 8 Girl Scout cookie booths and she didn’t get to come to those as she is still a tag a long and not a Daisy until this September.  She did so well when I had to be gone so much that she deserved something just for her.  Her sister wanted in on the action too and what she did was just awesome!   So on a Friday that my Mom was at her daycare for her monthly late night.  I told my husband to pick up Phoebe a little late so that Py and I would have time to decorate the kitchen.  We weren’t going over board just enough to make her feel special and have fun.


I had printed out the aliens from the claw machine to hang everywhere (see them on the light too!)  Pyper had this job while I hurried up and made a couple of signs to hand in the hallway and the front door.


Pyper was so excited to show me what she made at school…..menus! not just any menus either …adult menus and children’s menus LOL she even made a connect the dots and color area in the children’s menus she amazes me and was so proud (-:

IMAG4603 IMAG4602

I had found some things at Kroger of all places that I ended up buying just a couple of toys for her one was the alien from the Claw Machine so we made our window into a quasi claw machine with Pyper’s arm as the claw LOL


We used the other toy as a center piece to the table, set out the menus and pizza making supplies and waited.


One last touch Pyper wanted to play waitress so we hurried up and made this from an envelope and pinned it on an apron….this kid makes me so proud to want to be crazy with me LOL


Once Chad got home we ran outside Pyper with her apron on, told her to come in the front door so she could see the sign.  She can’t read much yet but she knows the pizza planet sign!


This was her face when she first saw the her sister and the sign….priceless “Mommy does that say Pizza Planet?”


She walked in as Toy Story (the first one of course!) was playing and was just in heaven.  YEAH! she liked it (-:  So we made our pizzas

IMAG4623 IMAG4624 IMAG4626

and while they baked Pyper played the Claw with Phoebe, she colored her special menu and played find the alien.

IMAG4634 IMAG4629

YUMMY PIZZA made by the peas themselves

IMAG4649 IMAG4650

After we finished our pizza we finished watching Toy Story.  (that’s pizza planet right there!)


Then danced to the closing credits You’ve Got A Friend in Me ….


It didn’t take much to make this little peas night ( hardly any money at all!) and I loved doing it the memories we made that night will last. They are always asking when we can do it again.  And I keep one of the aliens on my computer to make me smile remembering.

Oh and Chad thought he would pick up a second job …


Pizza Delivery Man for Pizza Planet HAHAHAHAHA had to make some funnies for him too (-:

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