Pyper’s garden is in bloom!

The girls and I went away last weekend and when we came home that Sunday we got this!  this was one week ago tomorrow…wait until I put up pictures of it now!I was about to go out and water the garden, it was almost 90 degrees outside I was just about to go when Py ran upstairs.  I asked what she was doing and she said she would be right down… and when she came back she had changed out of her pajama’s to this…..




DSC04572Yes, long sleeves and pants this little girl will never wear pants all winter she would only wear them under skirts and dresses. By the way she pegged them herself too and don’t look at the floors Chad is putting the tiles down as I write!

2 thoughts on “Pyper’s garden is in bloom!

  1. Your garden is growing! That’s exciting, and it seems you don’t have any weeds either. How ever did you manage that? Py’s cute in this pic. Maybe she feels cold with the air conditioning on?

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