They grow so fast

DSC04383I can’t believe Phoebe is already nine months old, seems like we just brought her home from the hospital.  That’s a day we will never forget, Columbus had a terrible wind storm and we lost part of our roof and our back yard gazebo!  Yep she came home with a whirl.  Today she is crawling, already has a tooth, says a few words …Dadda when she is happy and playing almost like she is singing his name.  Mooooooooommmmmmm when she is hungry, mad or needs a diaper change. 


She is such a joy she is trying to pull herself up she’s not quite gotten the hang of that yet.


I am pretty sure I have her used to the constant flash in her eyes brought on by the mamaratzzi her sister was trained at a very young age too LOL!


She loves her Daddy, we typically get home first during the week and she knows when she hears the front door its Dadda and she yells for him to pick her up.


Pyper loves being a big sister to Phoebe she is very good with her and when Pyper isn’t around Phoebe clearly misses her.   These last nine months being a mom of not one but two beautiful girls has been amazing.   I couldn’t ask for anything better (-: