Py’s garden update…

We ll we finally got it together Chad was sweet enough to put the bed together  after we spent too long staring at the wood at lowes trying to figure out how big I wanted the garden.    


 He also picked a spot right outside our dining room window so Py can keep a good eye one it.   

View from the dining room!
View from the dining room!

 We planted a WHOLE lot of squash acorn squash, butternut squash and zucchini.  DSC04489

  We were sure to get her her own gloves and garden tools even then she still wanted mine!


 We also planted cucumbers and radishes (4 kinds).  We  planted on Sunday everything but the radishes, I was telling my wonderful friend Debbie about Pyper looking out Sunday night sad that her garden wasn’t growing yet.   So Debbie brought Pyper and I four varieties she even brought a pink kind just for Py, but she said the sprout pretty fast so by Monday Py can see some growth.  We love Deb!


 OH I almost forgot! We also planted sunflowers in a big pot, I used this as a practive for when we planted the seeds in the big garden.




We had such a great time I can’t wait for everything to grown and for Pyper to experience cooking or eating rather  with vegetables SHE helped grown.

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