The P’s in my life….

The P’s win 3 to 2 to 1 vote!

The P’s in my life ……

Pyper Sinclair Riley was born July 2, 2004 she was not an easy baby to bring into this world!  I had a softball/grapefruit sized cyst removed from my right fallopian tube. It was the most pain I ever felt in my life and the scariest as our doctor told us the chance of her surviving was slim.  He gave us a 90 percent chance of miscarriage I was eight weeks pregnant even then she didn’t listen!  Py is currently 4 and 3/4 currently in pre-k she is my drama queen, everything she does deserves an Oscar.   She makes me laugh until I cry and talk until I turn blue she is having a hard time listening lately she never went through a terrible two stage that stage started at 3 and 1/2 and continues

Two P's!

to this day.  She only acts up at home though for which I a greatful because if she didn’t listen at school it well they don’t play around she would be booted after three incidents.  She has more than three incidents at home just trying to get her ready for school!   But not every day of course…..most days she is just as sweet and helpful as ever.  She is my beautiful red headed girl.

Phoebe Simone Riley born September 11, 2008 no problems with my pregnancy other than gestational diabetes but that’s not uncommon and was controlled by diet.  She came out smiling I think, she is just so pleasant always smiling and now laughing mostly at her sister.  She hates it on her stomach I wonder if she’ll ever crawl.  She has only rolled over completely a few times but can roll to her stomach as easy as pie.  Right now she is fighting croup and a cold and she is still happy as can be.

Then there is PETE he is our grey tabby cat he is the last of our brood.  When Chad and I moved in together he has two and I had three neither of us wanted to give any up they were family!   So we had five and in the last ten years we have lost all but Pete.  He is a special cat gets upset when the playroom is  not picked up and will stand in there and yell until someone does something about it.  He will then pull all his toys out of his bucket and all of a sudden it’s his playroom!  And please don’t think about shutting his out of a room he will chew your ears off until you let him in.  He sleeps under Pyper’s bed most the night but sometimes sneaks in with us.

and the bonus P – sometimes Pyper and I call Chad, Popple no real reason it started when she was two.


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