Girl Scout Walk About – Lanyards!

It’s cookie season as you know, and we are getting ready for a lot of cookie sale opportunities!   With all of our booth ideas running through our heads we are also getting ready for Walk About Week.  For those that don’t know that is when we go door to door as a troop.  First thing I made for the girls is a lanyard to make it easier and faster when some one asks what kind and how much.

Here is a short tutorial on how I made ours….

5 yards of thick cos grain ribbon made 18 lanyards, it could make more or less depending on how long you make yours.


I had gotten a bag of these at a yard sale for a dollar I like using these for the lanyard clip than the two-part way you see a lot online.  Lace this through the ribbon first.


Then sew the ribbon together.  I sewed it three times across because the girls will pull on them I am sure.


I printed out the cookie variety and the price cheat sheet and stuck them to a green paper to match the ribbon.


Once I cut them out I laminated them and cut the out again with my helper…


 (who was really watching Bo on the Go)


Punched a hole with the handy dandy crop-o-dile


And hooked the to the lanyards!


This is not an original idea I saw it on pinterest and I would mention the blog it came from but there wasn’t an attached author! But if you would like to see that one here is the pin link (-:


I will keep update my blog with whatever we do for this cookie season we are so excited this year ~!

(note I got the year on the cheat sheet wrong oops! and not a single scout noticed LOL)


I did not have a template for the cheat sheets but have gotten several request so here you go! Just print out and resize if needed (-: Let me know how they turned out!

Cookie Price Cheat  and  2015 cookie varieties LBB or just the Super Six which will be a little more rectangle than square (-:

Here are the super six from the bakers website in two different looks

I put them on Word so that you can right click as resize as needed I made the 5×5 inch with the card stock border if that helps at all (-:

Thank you to everyone who has made such nice comments!  Our troop went to our council Cookie Rally and they had them there for the passports I loved it (-: !

Smores Cups

After a month break on the evening of our first Monday night Girl Scout meeting I realized something……we didn’t have a plan!

I had a ten minute ride home from work to think.  My co-leader works on the Journey books and I do crafts and whatnots. Not to mention snacks.  Now, I am not one to only hand out a bag of chips and call it a day and by now our girls expect more and I don’t blame them it’s me we are talking about!  So I grabbed some beads and stretchy string and the girls could make bracelets.


The catch was you thad to give it to the girl on your right.  Yeah I though that will work instant friendship bracelets.  Now snack … Phoebe and I ran to Kroger and grabbed …honey graham cereal, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips.  Then clear plastic cups; I had twine at home. 

So voila ! smores in a cup I used a hole punch and twine for a handle, easy, fast and the girls loved it!

Some even wanted smore…heehee

Troop 1391’s Community Garden

Saturday May 5th our troop met with Franlin County Treasurer Ed Leonard and Grove ity Mayor Ike Stage to plant a Community Garden. We met early to divide up the seeds to plant. While we waited for all the girls the Mayor explained how to plant the seeds.

Once it was time the girls started to dig, the Mayor walked them through each step…..then

He dug up a toad!!! We all saw it as good luck for our garden (-:

After all the belly laughs and screams about Mr. Toad the girls got back to work, Treasurer Leonard helped the girls plant green beans.

The girls were watching to see if Mayor Stage could undig another toad!

Treasurer Leonard getting a chuckle out of Maria, he would point to where she should dig and instead she was dropping the seeds in the place he pushed in LOL !

We stopped for a bit and let the girls recieve thier Community Service badges from our special guest.  They were so excited (-:

A quick picture before we set them loose….

Once we let our guest go to thier other obligation for the day we let the girls finish they had a blast but nothing was in any order whatsoever we just made sure we had everything marked!


Look at me girls BE PROUD we are doing this for the Mid Ohio Food Bank!


Snack time I made sure we had apples and plenty of water.  I handed out garden journals for the girls to keep track of the garden and to be handed in later.  I gave plenty of info aboput the garden and food bank not to mention a schedule to follow for weeding and watering.

Grandma Scout finally got out of the car! She was cold (-: She told the girls all about her Grandma Ellis’s farm in Georgia from when she was growing up.

Abby told the girls all about the compost pile when they were looking foe a trash can.  Nope she said throw them in the pile!

One last picture I wish all our girls could have been there!  I hope tyhe girls learn a lot from our garden the food will help a lot of families from going hungry.

Our Troops Journey Through Our First Cookie Sale Pt 3 – PARTY ON GARTH

We made it the cookie sale was over and our girls did great (with the exception of one family who has YET to turn in their money and simply disappeared)! The rest of the girls well they very much  deserved  an  End of the  Cookie Sale Party.  So  again  this crafty leader wanted so badly to give these girls a great day! With this being the 100 year anniversary of the Girl Scouts I wanted to do something with the anniversary Savannah Smiles lemon cookie boxes.  SO I made notebooks and bookmarks. (and yes I did this before all the pinterest ones came out! LOL)

The most time consuming was cutting all the boxes.  I used my cropodile to punch all the holes and I did reinforce the back of the book marks with a thick green plastic so they would last a little longer.

Now this I did see on pinterest (love that website)  I bought girl scout stickers from Micheal’s and simply added them to these large green paperclips then some stickle glitter glue and done ready to be used as a picture holder.

Whallah! easy peasy and no glass frame to break.

The girls needed something to carry everything in right? So I bought totes at the Flower Factory and iron ons off of Etsy that I printed out myself and ironed on the totes with the girls names.  Then bought fabric markers for the girls to all sign each others bags (-:

I was so excited when Saturday came we ordered pizza, had juice boxes and snacks now the picture here is fuzzy but they began the party listening to Kids Bop and dancing their tushes off!

While we waited for the pizza to arrive the girls made a flower pot craft and we spoke about our community garden we were doing next!

PIZZA from Joseppi’s of course (-: since they saved us that one Saturday they won us over for life (see previous post about the shop)!

We then had the girls stand in line while we filled up the bags with all the goodies!

I made the notebooks, book marks and little photo holders with the picture, I bought cookie sale pencils, and bubbles…….but the girls favorite part THREE patches! Pizza Party, First Cookie Sale and Booth Sale Patch (-:

Here’s our girls ! (missing a few that day )-: )

On their way out I had a little display with a reminder about our Community Garden Project on  seed packets and where the garden was located.

That way they could plant a little Cilantro for Mommy and Daddy too!

OH and one more thing who was the top seller??? that would be Pyper the oldest pea!! and nope it wasn’t rigged I wasn’t in charge of the cookie sale my co-leader was (-: I ma one proud Girl Scout Mom!!

Joseppi’s Pizza To The Rescue!

What happens when you forget to pick up the key to the building you are having your girl scout meeting at??  You frantically call around and try to find a new spot!

On this specific night before the meeting my Co-Leader Abby called a few places and was happy to report Joseppi’s pizza on Hoover Rd would open early just for us to meet there.  How cool are they?


So of course the first order of business after the beginning ceremonies would be to make Joseppi’s thank you cards(-:

The  girls were actually pretty excited  to have the meeting at a pizza shop because everyone knows if you go to a pizza shop there is going to be pizza!

The girls had so much fun and we were able to have our badges presented for our yarn crafts we did a few weeks before.

(I took  a picture of the  girls getting the badges but WOW  they were bad LOL)

Before we left the girls got a picture with the guys that saved the day!

So thank you again Joseppi’s Pizza!! and for those of you that want to show them some love you can order online if you’re in the area!

The Lorax… a Lesson and a Fun Badge!

My co-leader Abbey wanted to take the girls to see the Lorax as a lesson in environmental issues.  That’s perfect I told her so my mind of course went to what can we do for them to take home and get a little more out of it… it!

I ran to the Dollar Tree and got tiny terracotta pots and little butterflies.  Then I ran to Lowes and got potting soil and seeds.  I have snack baggies at home and we were finally getting them the patches with our troop number on them.   So there it was a take home project was born!

I love putting these ideas together and since we couldn’t plant a tree yet or a Truffula Tree

I chose the Burpee Cosmos mix because they spout practically overnight.  I put soil in the snack bags and seeds in another, placed the pots in paper towels so they wouldn’t break and was just plain excited for our little Girl Scouts to get their bags.

So we all met at the theater, the girls all had their own snack money from Mom and Dad and ordered for themselves they all got the same thing so no one’s feelings were hurt.  We used the troop funds for the tickets (special thanks to one Momma who made a generous donation to the troop!) The girls got all settled in….

Unfortunately we were missing a couple (they got their bags later though!)  The girls sat in two rows keeping them close with one leader on the end of each and parents on the other ends in case we needed potty time they couldn’t go out alone.  They were wonderful the giggles and smiles were contagious.  But I wondered do they understand what it’s really about? That’s when I looked down my row and saw my daughter crying not a sobbing loud cry but a quiet, had to put the popcorn down and wipe her eyes cry.  She got it.  The part of the movie she teared up at was when Ted got out of town and saw the devastation, there were no trees, no grass.  There was nothing.  After we left the theater we had the girls go outside to the bench so we could grab the bags and talk about the lesson and the take home project.

It was very sunny but cold!  All the girls understood the lesson and were excited to plant their flowers.  Yet a little sad after we explained some of the movie to them.  So we had them make silly faces and promise to help mother nature and the earth!

Did YOU know you had to show your tongue to make a silly face??? LOL  We then had the girls stand in line for the fun patch!  These girls LOOOOVE their patches!

Abby is the head leader so I always ask her to hand them out besides I am the troop photographer right??! (that’s little Drake following his momma (-: ) Phoebe was supposed to come but decided biting her sister’s head was more fun and stayed home…no movie for biters!

The badge was cute!

The girls had a lot of fun and one of the take home instructions to the parent was to bring in a picture of their daughter holding the finished product.  Because that is also the beginning of our Gardening badge too!

Since I had bought the take home project I thought I would make Phoebe one too she is a girl scout in training you know, we visited my Gramps that next day and the weather was perfect so to the front porch they went.  Phoebe needed no help of course she can do it herself (trust me I tried!)

Pyper was an old pro you know from those years of back yard gardening with me LOL

When they added the butterfly the project was complete! I took Py’s picture for the scrapbook ….

And of course my little girl scout in training’s picture too but just for the at home scrapbook (-:

So there it is lesson learned and project completed all with smiles, a few tears and a better appreciation of the environment.

As Dr. Seuss wrote “Unless someone like you…cares a whole awful lot…nothing is going to get better…It’s not.”

Mom of 2 Peas….Brownie Co-Leader!

October 2010 the oldest Pea joined the Girl Scouts, she was so excited! Her leaders were awesome Abby is the mom of one of her classmates and Jo is a Grandma to two of the scouts.  Our first meeting the parents filled out a thousand forms it seemed and paid the dues.

Py was having so much fun, she got her Safety Patch and a new helmet and visited the Fire Station in the first month.  (I got to go too)

When January rolled around it was Cookie time and I text Abby to see when we would get our order forms there were already people selling at work.  unfortunately, there was a death in her family and our meeting was cancelled.  Jo claimed the same and no they aren’t related never met until they started the Troop.

The next meeting was in February now we were behind with the cookie sales and even missed an opportunity for the girls to win prizes with the initial orders.  I then got a text from Abby that the parents needed to be at the next meeting for what I assumed to be direction for the cookie sale…..Boy was I wrong.

Apparently, Jo the co-leader had never turned in the girls membership forms along with the forms the money.  Therefore, our girls were not a Troop.  Jennifer from Council came in to explain to the parents that we were not an official troop and with this being said we could not sell cookies until we were.  Also, the girls needed another leader to work with Abby or there could not be a troop.  The look on Abby’s face the whole time Jennifer spoke was heartbreaking so I volunteered.  Yes, me….the woman who works full time has a 7 year old and a 3 year old pea whose mentally disabled Mom just came to live with her family…..volunteered.  What the heck was I thinking? I thought about becoming a leader at the initial sign ups for Girl Scouts because so many girls needed a troop but I thought maybe next year.  Nope, this year it is and I have to say…..I absolutely love it I think I was born to do this co-leading with Abby.  Abby is awesome when most people would have prosecuted Jo for taking off with the Troops money she kept giving her a chance to give it back.  Eventually, Jo did give the money back but not ALL of it.  I hope it was worth it to her for less than $200.00 and all the supplies to disappoint 12 little girls 2 of them who never came back to the troop because she was their Grandmother. Shame on you Jo.

Now as for me I have jumped in head first, Dad of 2 Peas has been amazing while I attended meetings and training in a rush to get leader status so we could sell our cookies and become a troop.  Without him I couldn’t do all this he takes good care of Mom and the youngest Pea while the oldest and I do out Girl Scout things.

So here we are and I am super happy to say this is the best, Abby is wonderful we think alike and have the girls first attitude.  She has become a great friend and I look forward to all our adventure in Girl Scouting! There is nothing we can’t do together!