Joseppi’s Pizza To The Rescue!

What happens when you forget to pick up the key to the building you are having your girl scout meeting at??  You frantically call around and try to find a new spot!

On this specific night before the meeting my Co-Leader Abby called a few places and was happy to report Joseppi’s pizza on Hoover Rd would open early just for us to meet there.  How cool are they?


So of course the first order of business after the beginning ceremonies would be to make Joseppi’s thank you cards(-:

The  girls were actually pretty excited  to have the meeting at a pizza shop because everyone knows if you go to a pizza shop there is going to be pizza!

The girls had so much fun and we were able to have our badges presented for our yarn crafts we did a few weeks before.

(I took  a picture of the  girls getting the badges but WOW  they were bad LOL)

Before we left the girls got a picture with the guys that saved the day!

So thank you again Joseppi’s Pizza!! and for those of you that want to show them some love you can order online if you’re in the area!

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