Troop 1391 Sports Night

Every summer our troop meets at a local park since we normally meet at a school and don’t have access when school is out. Not to mention who wants cooped up in a school when it is SUMMER!  So for our first meeting I just wanted the girls to have fun putting lots of thought into it I decided we would be as active as we could. (Unfortunately only 4 girls showed up to this meeting but it was still fun (-: )

We began with 

Jump Rope ten times then the Long Jump: Run until they get to the hula hoop then jump as far as they can Ms. Erin will then use a ribbon to measure.


 I never saw it coming but all the girls kept falling luckily no one was hurt and they all laughed it off, my little pea falls all the time so it wasn’t new to her but boy she she love seeing the other girls do the same as her!


 Who won??


Simple Running with a partner from tree to tree three times  


 Hula Hoop who can do hoop the longest best out of three chances

hulaTen jumping jacks then roll down the hill and run back up

rollingRing Toss best out of 3 chances



 They loved this and I loved getting them so active so we decided this is how we will always have our first meeting after summer break! 

bowlingBasketball free throws from different angles


 Snacks: Water bottles, apples, oranges and gold fish crackers although it was so hot that day the water bottles were used in a more fun way (-:  Since we were short half our troop we were done way early so the girls just let loose!

just fun

 Here’s a print out of our activities if you want to have it, it was simple, clean and the girls had a lot of fun!

 Sports Night Activities 


Using Resources Wisely (CDs)/End of the Cookie Season Party

At the end of every cookie season it has been a tradition in out Troop to have an end of the cookie season party.  We go year round so we don’t have an end of the year party.  Because of this I try to make it extra special.  This year I made each girl a CD scrapbook.

Supplies are as follows:  

Paper Cutter

Exacto knife

Glue Dots and Strips

Glue Runner

Old CDs

Scrapbook Paper


Crop-o-dile Hole Punch


Book Rings (cheaper in the office section than the craft section)


And small wallet size pictures 




 I used my Creative Memories Circle cutters for the paper to cover the CDs, you can easily use your exacto knife too cut around the CD after you attached the scrap paper.







Once I get all the paper on I punch the hole.  making sure each one is the same measurement from the edge. If they aren’t it looks really weird when the CDs don’t line up.



I made three different versions Daisy, Brownie and Junior so as you can imagine it was a mess!



Once done with adding the pictures and bling attach together with the book ring and add ribbon.






 I also made small bags for each Scout used fabric markers to put their name on them and ironed on a wordle mix with all the girls names.  Since we had camp coming up as a reminder I made s’more baggies with the details of our trip and sealed with an owl that I found at Micheal’s.  Added their badges and more candy and was ready to give to the girls !



 We had pizza, chips, juice boxes and cookies of course (-:



We had the girls write on paper what they were happy for with all the intentions of making a “happy” video with them dancing around carrying their signs……that didn’t quite work out.  They were happy for so much you wouldn’t be able to see the writing on the paper!  (not to mention of couple of older wallflowers LOL)






 All my happy girls (-: 



PS….here are out TOP sellers Miss Alexis (Brownie) was #1 an Miss Phoebe (Daisy) was #2 by only 8 boxes (-: ~!  


St Patrick’s Day Cookie Booth 2013

Since we had a booth scheduled on St Paddy’s Day I couldn’t NOT have a theme for the day right??? So I made this for our three chilly leprechauns that worked the booth that day.


The Thin Mints were the green green grass of Ireland…..


And the Savannah Smiles were the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow~!


Leprechauns  business meeting…..


It was 31 degrees out and we stood outside selling for 3 hours we sold a mere 24 boxes but these girls kept it together and worked their shamrocks off! I am so proud of all my girls and the hard work they put into this year we had 7 booths and sold just shy of 3500 boxes (-:


Bling Your Booth Contest 2013 – WE WON!

Yes that’s right we won our Service Unit’s Bling Your Booth Contest and we couldn’t be more excited! I have wanted to blog our booth since March 1st but I didn’t want to give away our secret (-:  

Our theme this year Super Girl Scouts!


The cookie sale theme this year was What Can A Girl Do?  A World of Good

Well we tweeked it a little and said What Can A Girl Do? She Can Save the World!

I had searched all over rthe internet and Pinterest and saw nothing that matched Super Scout; Super Girl Scout; Super Hero Girl Scout…you get the idea….with the exception of the capes that ended up NOT working everything we did was original (-: (today I see on pinterest our idea has now been pinned lots of times! So we hope this helps give ideas to other troops!)

So to begin we had capes made out of t-shirts I cut out a superman logo as a pattern (-:

IMAG3559 IMAG3555

I ironed on all the cookies on t-shirts that match the cookie boxes.

Even made one with the GS cookie theme:


My friend and fellow Scout Mom Stacey made these awesome headband bows for the girls with the ribbon that inspired it all…


I got the ribbon from in case you were wondering (-:

The girls had a blast being super scouts !


Until the capes started to strangle and irritate them!

soooo back to the creative brain to get better capes I could not have the girls miserable after all.

SO I bought capes at Walmart and they had mask WOOHOO!


Of course I blinged them up!


Now those made them fly!





Nothing makes me happier than to see these kids like this (-:


Super strong super Scout!


And our table lay out had to have the super hero BAM POW BOOM signs right? and notice our troop elf was even super!


So congrats Troop 1391 for winning the Bling Your Booth Contest 2013!  I can not wait until next year (-;


Troop 1391 Walk About 2013

If we thought our first booth was cold it was nothing like our walk about! Last week was girl scout week and also walk about week, so we cleared our area with council and made plans to walk on Monday.  Unfortunately, it poured rain and hailed so we cancelled and rescheduled for Wednesday the only day the whole troop could make it. We watched it snow and get colder ALL day, but we couldn’t cancel or we wouldn’t be able to do it and my girls wanted to experience everything this year.  So they bundled up and met in my garage. I had the table all set up for the parents to grab their newsletters and sign up for activities coming up because I am organized and it was the perfect time right??  well no, lots of parents were too cold to even get out of the car LOL!


Of course my soon to be Daisy was a helper her preschool class was collecting change in that bottle for the Ronald McDonald house so she made sure to put it out there….so sweet (-:


The girls grabbed their cheat sheet lanyards and  packed up all the wagons to started out….


They worked so well together I couldn’t believe it, being that cold surely there was going to be a cranky one I would have to send back to the garage to stay with my co-leader Abby but NO they were amazing. 


They took turns and was polite we even found out there was another leader in my subdivision who wished us luck then promptly had three girls run out of her house in the snow the other direction with cookies in hand to sell to the neighbors.  NOT the Girl Scout Way especially since I signed up for this neighborhood and had gotten approved ANYWAY I digress.


We went half way around the neighborhood and sold 10 boxes of cookies, saw people literally look out windows and not answer the door, taught the girls what no soliciting means and that boys can be ridiculous and girls can be giggly!


My super mom Stacey walked with us and was just as impressed with these girls as I was so we went back to the garage for snacks and to get out of the wind.


Our Harlie brought snacks and then I made smores mix too!


The girls took that to go once their parents picked them up. After snack they went right back out in the drive way to hold signs and try to sell more while the parents where stopping to pick them up.


You have to handed it to them come rain, sleet or snow the Girl Scouts are always selling cookies LOL!  And their helper stayed in the garage still doing her part (-:


ALSO Since all my parents had to come in the garage to get their scout I made the most of it by having any info I needed to pass out and sign up sheets for upcoming events ready to pass out right there!


It was a cold but fun day and we can’t wait until next year !

Our First Cookie Booth of the Year 2013 “Snuggie Up!”

It was FREEZING!~ and windy and snowy but five of my scouts signed up for the day and all five were determined to have fun.  So what did we do to keep warm and have a fun booth?? We Snuggied Up!


We kept the cookies in boxes because what you can’t see in the pictures is the snow that would have gotten the boxes wet.  It was 31 degrees out that first booth day and we had a different theme in mind for out full out bling but on this day my Scouts just needed to stay toasty (-:


snuggies made it easy to keeping track of the cookies we sold


They did so well sold 68 boxes of cookies took turns eating lunch in Ms Erin’s warm car and started back to selling. 


At times the snuggies came off because they were just a little awkward, but it was a fun day! and we only had 7 booths  more to go!~


Make sure you keep stopping by to see the rest of our cookie season blog post (-:

Our Troops Journey Through Our First Cookie Sale Pt 3 – PARTY ON GARTH

We made it the cookie sale was over and our girls did great (with the exception of one family who has YET to turn in their money and simply disappeared)! The rest of the girls well they very much  deserved  an  End of the  Cookie Sale Party.  So  again  this crafty leader wanted so badly to give these girls a great day! With this being the 100 year anniversary of the Girl Scouts I wanted to do something with the anniversary Savannah Smiles lemon cookie boxes.  SO I made notebooks and bookmarks. (and yes I did this before all the pinterest ones came out! LOL)

The most time consuming was cutting all the boxes.  I used my cropodile to punch all the holes and I did reinforce the back of the book marks with a thick green plastic so they would last a little longer.

Now this I did see on pinterest (love that website)  I bought girl scout stickers from Micheal’s and simply added them to these large green paperclips then some stickle glitter glue and done ready to be used as a picture holder.

Whallah! easy peasy and no glass frame to break.

The girls needed something to carry everything in right? So I bought totes at the Flower Factory and iron ons off of Etsy that I printed out myself and ironed on the totes with the girls names.  Then bought fabric markers for the girls to all sign each others bags (-:

I was so excited when Saturday came we ordered pizza, had juice boxes and snacks now the picture here is fuzzy but they began the party listening to Kids Bop and dancing their tushes off!

While we waited for the pizza to arrive the girls made a flower pot craft and we spoke about our community garden we were doing next!

PIZZA from Joseppi’s of course (-: since they saved us that one Saturday they won us over for life (see previous post about the shop)!

We then had the girls stand in line while we filled up the bags with all the goodies!

I made the notebooks, book marks and little photo holders with the picture, I bought cookie sale pencils, and bubbles…….but the girls favorite part THREE patches! Pizza Party, First Cookie Sale and Booth Sale Patch (-:

Here’s our girls ! (missing a few that day )-: )

On their way out I had a little display with a reminder about our Community Garden Project on  seed packets and where the garden was located.

That way they could plant a little Cilantro for Mommy and Daddy too!

OH and one more thing who was the top seller??? that would be Pyper the oldest pea!! and nope it wasn’t rigged I wasn’t in charge of the cookie sale my co-leader was (-: I ma one proud Girl Scout Mom!!

Our Troop’s Journey Through Our First Cookie Sale pt 2 BLING YOUR BOOTH!

So we got our cookies and delivered them, it was quite a task but we weren’t finished yet!

Now on to the booth sales….Abby took a few girls to the first one at the local Kroger.  They did pretty well! Then I got to take a few girls to the second spot, not the greatest spot but we did pretty well too!

The night before our neighbor (also a brownie) spent the night and helped make a sign ….they were super proud (-:

So I got my crafty leader thinking cap on how will I hold this sign up??? Coffee cans with sand (we had that is our garage along with couple rods from an old project) YES! So I called my two neighbors (also  brownie moms) and got the containers..but not cans hmmmm how can we cover these up???  BOXES I just happened to have them in my car and  they were the perfect size!

NOW how can we jazz  this up??  flowers the girls said so that is what we did.  We added flowers to the boxes along with a thank you and donation info….

then printed out the varieties of cookies (nice way to advertise!)put them onto leaves glued them to the paper covered rods added a flower pin wheel and wallah  A GARDEN COOKIE BOOTH!

All this was last-minute and made with everything we had on hand it was awesome!

Oh and we made a sign for the girls to hold when cars went by too (-:

The next weekend the whole troop participated in the sale (except one who was out of town  )-: )  We still  had our blinged signs but we needed  MORE…  So  as  my family sat and ate dinner  I thought to myself again what can we do different this time?? and out of the corner of  my  eye  I see  all the empty boxes the cookies  came  in….SO glittered up menu boards! 

We punched holes in the corners to add ribbon that matched the boxes and glitter.

 Each girl could wear a different cookie! and we made signs for  some  to  wear  that said DRIVE – UP SERVICE this was our Faith’s  idea and  it worked a  lot of people drove to the curb  and we sold the cookies to them without getting out of their car they loved  that (-: 

I can  not tell you  how exciting this was we even had my Mom the honorary Grandma Scout at card table testing out some crafts we wanted the girls to do. 

She had a ball and  the girls loved helping her  when we  didn’t have business.  I  also  made  snacks for all the girls because working that  hard makes a scout hungry! (thanks to for this  idea!) (I used glitter paint for more BLING!)

All in all our girls had a blast from making the booth to yelling about how great girl scout cookies are to the passerbyers …. although they did have jobs too! they took turns tallying the cookie sales and restocked when needed. After all it is a girl led activity (-:

Oh and did I mention they handed out crayons and coloring pages to the littles?? yep two boxes of 64 crayons put 2 in a snack bag and a free printable of a girl scout cookie booth!

Troop 1391 these girls are the best!

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think or better yet did you bling your booth??? leave a link!