Bling Your Booth Contest 2013 – WE WON!

Yes that’s right we won our Service Unit’s Bling Your Booth Contest and we couldn’t be more excited! I have wanted to blog our booth since March 1st but I didn’t want to give away our secret (-:  

Our theme this year Super Girl Scouts!


The cookie sale theme this year was What Can A Girl Do?  A World of Good

Well we tweeked it a little and said What Can A Girl Do? She Can Save the World!

I had searched all over rthe internet and Pinterest and saw nothing that matched Super Scout; Super Girl Scout; Super Hero Girl Scout…you get the idea….with the exception of the capes that ended up NOT working everything we did was original (-: (today I see on pinterest our idea has now been pinned lots of times! So we hope this helps give ideas to other troops!)

So to begin we had capes made out of t-shirts I cut out a superman logo as a pattern (-:

IMAG3559 IMAG3555

I ironed on all the cookies on t-shirts that match the cookie boxes.

Even made one with the GS cookie theme:


My friend and fellow Scout Mom Stacey made these awesome headband bows for the girls with the ribbon that inspired it all…


I got the ribbon from in case you were wondering (-:

The girls had a blast being super scouts !


Until the capes started to strangle and irritate them!

soooo back to the creative brain to get better capes I could not have the girls miserable after all.

SO I bought capes at Walmart and they had mask WOOHOO!


Of course I blinged them up!


Now those made them fly!





Nothing makes me happier than to see these kids like this (-:


Super strong super Scout!


And our table lay out had to have the super hero BAM POW BOOM signs right? and notice our troop elf was even super!


So congrats Troop 1391 for winning the Bling Your Booth Contest 2013!  I can not wait until next year (-;


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