Our Troop’s Journey Through Our First Cookie Sale pt 2 BLING YOUR BOOTH!

So we got our cookies and delivered them, it was quite a task but we weren’t finished yet!

Now on to the booth sales….Abby took a few girls to the first one at the local Kroger.  They did pretty well! Then I got to take a few girls to the second spot, not the greatest spot but we did pretty well too!

The night before our neighbor (also a brownie) spent the night and helped make a sign ….they were super proud (-:

So I got my crafty leader thinking cap on how will I hold this sign up??? Coffee cans with sand (we had that is our garage along with couple rods from an old project) YES! So I called my two neighbors (also  brownie moms) and got the containers..but not cans hmmmm how can we cover these up???  BOXES I just happened to have them in my car and  they were the perfect size!

NOW how can we jazz  this up??  flowers the girls said so that is what we did.  We added flowers to the boxes along with a thank you and donation info….

then printed out the varieties of cookies (nice way to advertise!)put them onto leaves glued them to the paper covered rods added a flower pin wheel and wallah  A GARDEN COOKIE BOOTH!

All this was last-minute and made with everything we had on hand it was awesome!

Oh and we made a sign for the girls to hold when cars went by too (-:

The next weekend the whole troop participated in the sale (except one who was out of town  )-: )  We still  had our blinged signs but we needed  MORE…  So  as  my family sat and ate dinner  I thought to myself again what can we do different this time?? and out of the corner of  my  eye  I see  all the empty boxes the cookies  came  in….SO glittered up menu boards! 

We punched holes in the corners to add ribbon that matched the boxes and glitter.

 Each girl could wear a different cookie! and we made signs for  some  to  wear  that said DRIVE – UP SERVICE this was our Faith’s  idea and  it worked a  lot of people drove to the curb  and we sold the cookies to them without getting out of their car they loved  that (-: 

I can  not tell you  how exciting this was we even had my Mom the honorary Grandma Scout at card table testing out some crafts we wanted the girls to do. 

She had a ball and  the girls loved helping her  when we  didn’t have business.  I  also  made  snacks for all the girls because working that  hard makes a scout hungry! (thanks to http://pinterest.com/momof2peas/ for this  idea!) (I used glitter paint for more BLING!)

All in all our girls had a blast from making the booth to yelling about how great girl scout cookies are to the passerbyers …. although they did have jobs too! they took turns tallying the cookie sales and restocked when needed. After all it is a girl led activity (-:

Oh and did I mention they handed out crayons and coloring pages to the littles?? yep two boxes of 64 crayons put 2 in a snack bag and a free printable of a girl scout cookie booth!

Troop 1391 these girls are the best!

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think or better yet did you bling your booth??? leave a link!

2 thoughts on “Our Troop’s Journey Through Our First Cookie Sale pt 2 BLING YOUR BOOTH!

  1. Cookie booths are what changes an average cookie season into a great one. Many girls aren’t able to sell door-to-door for a variety of reasons, including the fact that their parents might not have time to take them around. If you hold cookie booths during the season, these girls can sell a lot of cookies with a minimal parental time commitment.

  2. Wow, you ladies are some super sellers. We only do cookies from Early January through mid February in our Service Unit. Our troop of 9 Daisies 5-6 yrs old, sold almost 700 boxes. They are all first year Daisies and being in New England we’ve been pretty hard hit by the economy. Our troop also has at least 4 girls who have older siblings selling as well.

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