I heart faces “hands on fun!” ……..

This weeks iheart faces contest is hand on fun.

Last September we adopted our kitten Professor Puffington, it had been a long time coming we wanted to find a kitten in July for the oldest peas 5th birthday.  Dad of 2 peas had gotten a kitten on his 5th birthday and really wanted to make it happen for Pyper too! 

We also felt since we lost two family cats last year that our cat Petey Peteman was lonely.  He was acting sort of depressed if you could imagine.  So for months we looked until we found Puff. 

On the day we brought him home you would have thought he had lived here for years and that these peas had been around forever.  He had no fear (and he still doesn’t)  He was 6 weeks old and never ran from either peas he let Py hold him and Phoebe believe it or not was pretty gentle with the new little guy.

Here we caught our littlest pea  being as gentle as she could be…..so our hand on fun is hands on Professor Puffington fun! 

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iheartkisses the latest iheartfaces contest!


I heart faces contest this week is kisses and I knew it had to be one of Py kissing 

Phoebe when we first came home with her. 

She was so happy and proud to be the big sister that she could stop asking

to hold her and kiss her.  Phoebe is now 16 months old and she is still all over her. 

I hope that this mutual love fest never ends between these two sisters.



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I heart texture!

I read this weeks iheartfaces contest was texture, at first I thought I might skip this one.  I didn’t really have the time to play around with photoshop and well to be honest it seems like most the winners are professional and  I just love to take pictures!  But then I thought, no I will look for something I haven’t blogged in a few weeks and this will give my blog some new content.  As I looked through the pictures of the last few months I saw this one; my wonderful husband looking for the perfect pumpkin at the patch.  I saw the look on his face, so serious, scanning the patch for a big dark green one yes a green one he so wanted to be different this year. The next thing I saw was the texture in a natural non photoshopped picture.  The texture the tree trunk in the background, the leaves and of all the grasses in the patch perfectly outlining the man I love.  SO just when you think you have nothing to show off for the iheartfaces contest…look again you might discover something beautiful even if it is just a memory.

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I heart Py’s first Columbus Zoo visit!

This weeks Iheartfaces challenge was the best face shot and all I could think of was Pyper’s first visit to the Columbus Zoo.  I normally would have had a hard time with this one.  I have taken so many of the girls that I would love to put on here! Luckily I had just cleaned my scrap loft and found this one blown up to frame from 2007!~ shows how behind I am huh?

This was June 2007, and we had just moved into our house a few months earlier so we were finally able to have some family spend the night.  Chad’s parents were down this particular weekend so we planned on taking them to the zoo.  Columbus Zoo is amazing and we had such a good time I will never forget Pyper’s expressions now that she was old enough to pay attention to the animals and of course they have a huge playground!  Here she is looking down on the train that goes through the zoo too afraid to ride the train she was happy to look at it though!

AND  now that we live in Columbus I think I should add that the Columbus Zoo was named the #1 Zoo in America by USA Travel Guide!

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I heart faces…Pet week!

Of course we are going to share Pete’s spotlight with Professor Puffington!    It seems as though he was meant for our household the flash doesn’t seem to bother him a bit; and with a mommy like me……well he will see a lot of flash bulbs!

Puff now weighs 6 pounds when we adopted him he was only 2 pounds!   He was recently declawed and the kid’s legs thank us for that.  He is not an outside cat and it doesn’t seem to bother him.  He was in a funk for a few days why the heck did we leave him at the hospital over night??  He is over it now and it acting as though he has his claw anyway.  I would like to say that our vet Dr Pat is amazing she takes such good care of our animals and never charged us for the hospital stay!  When Pete got delawed that was the most expensive part.  She also gave us the litter to use for a few days so we would have it and gave Puff two days of pain meds poor Pete never got that either.  SO thank you Dr Schmitt in Grove City at the Community Vet Clinic!

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iheartfaces this week….Sun Flare!

Yes, I didn’t know what it was either until I looked at some examples! 

So I searched my files and found what I thought to be a perfect example of my own. 

 We had moved four and a half years ago; we are now two and a half hours away from all of our family.  We go back home often  BUT when any of the grandparents can come to visit well…..  it’s the peas turf and they want to show them everything.  On this day it was the play set that their Daddy Pea had worked so hard on (with a little help from some friends Art and Kevin).  The peas were in heaven outside in the warm sun, in their new swings just enjoying their family.  The laughter that day was priceless.  I love the look on Chad’s face,  the genuine smiles warm my heart like the sun in this picture kept  their bare feet warm.

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The newest iheartfaces contest is…….EXCITED!




This weeks iheart faces theme is EXCITED I knew just which photo I wanted to add even though I took it two years ago!

In 2007 our Pyper wanted to be a witch for Halloween but not just any witch but a princess witch and I loved that!

I wanted to get some pictures and just kept snapping along…..This picture was taken while I wanted to measure the dress, as we are a height challenged people I knew I needed to shorten it.   I wouldn’t let her run around because I thought she might fall the dress was really long.  So I turned on Disney and Chad went to get me the scissors that is when I got this shot.  Why you ask???   Because a new episode of Hannah Montana was on.  Yep she was THAT excited.  Needless to say I mailed this picture to all the grandparents because I thought it was hysterical! 


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