iheartfaces this week….Sun Flare!

Yes, I didn’t know what it was either until I looked at some examples! 

So I searched my files and found what I thought to be a perfect example of my own. 

 We had moved four and a half years ago; we are now two and a half hours away from all of our family.  We go back home often  BUT when any of the grandparents can come to visit well…..  it’s the peas turf and they want to show them everything.  On this day it was the play set that their Daddy Pea had worked so hard on (with a little help from some friends Art and Kevin).  The peas were in heaven outside in the warm sun, in their new swings just enjoying their family.  The laughter that day was priceless.  I love the look on Chad’s face,  the genuine smiles warm my heart like the sun in this picture kept  their bare feet warm.

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