Iheartfaces sepia …..check out all the entries here’s mine!

October 2006 was our first trip to the Punkin Patch.  I took a lot of pictures and to this day its my facorite scrapbook of Pyper.   Here she is on the hayride after we picked our three pumpkins from the patch. 


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4 thoughts on “Iheartfaces sepia …..check out all the entries here’s mine!

  1. I accidentally posted the comment for this photo on your previous post. I got Confused! LOL Seriously, though, this is a beautiful photo–perfect in sepia!

  2. Thank you (- ; I wish I could put my whole scrapbook from this season up here her hair with fall colors is so awesome!

  3. Love this photo…I love photos at the pumpkin patch! It must be the fall colors and the textures of the pumpkins. Great photo.

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