I heart faces…Pet week!

Of course we are going to share Pete’s spotlight with Professor Puffington!    It seems as though he was meant for our household the flash doesn’t seem to bother him a bit; and with a mommy like me……well he will see a lot of flash bulbs!

Puff now weighs 6 pounds when we adopted him he was only 2 pounds!   He was recently declawed and the kid’s legs thank us for that.  He is not an outside cat and it doesn’t seem to bother him.  He was in a funk for a few days why the heck did we leave him at the hospital over night??  He is over it now and it acting as though he has his claw anyway.  I would like to say that our vet Dr Pat is amazing she takes such good care of our animals and never charged us for the hospital stay!  When Pete got delawed that was the most expensive part.  She also gave us the litter to use for a few days so we would have it and gave Puff two days of pain meds poor Pete never got that either.  SO thank you Dr Schmitt in Grove City at the Community Vet Clinic!

Now go enjoy all the other photos at iheartfaces.blogspot.com they aren’t always your every day cat and dog tails they could be lions or tiger or bear tails too!

I Heart Faces

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