The newest iheartfaces contest is…….EXCITED!




This weeks iheart faces theme is EXCITED I knew just which photo I wanted to add even though I took it two years ago!

In 2007 our Pyper wanted to be a witch for Halloween but not just any witch but a princess witch and I loved that!

I wanted to get some pictures and just kept snapping along…..This picture was taken while I wanted to measure the dress, as we are a height challenged people I knew I needed to shorten it.   I wouldn’t let her run around because I thought she might fall the dress was really long.  So I turned on Disney and Chad went to get me the scissors that is when I got this shot.  Why you ask???   Because a new episode of Hannah Montana was on.  Yep she was THAT excited.  Needless to say I mailed this picture to all the grandparents because I thought it was hysterical! 


Be sure to check out the other entries at   there are always AMAZING shots that always go with AMAZING stories (-:


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