Two Peas Theater Presents……

001 invite (1)

It all started with this awesome invite created on my Smile Box account how cool is this? (and yes the girls did walk in on a red carpet outside (-: )

Once we saw on Pinterest all these awesome ideas for outdoor movie parties I just knew Py would love that for her 9th Birthday party.  So as you know I don’t know small.  I mapped it all out for our back yard there would be games,  photo booth, concession stand, outdoor screen my husband would make and sheets to sit on.

But then the rain came…for TWO WEEKS straight, cheer practices were cancelled my Girl Scout meeting was cancelled all because they were outdoors.  At this point we invited almost 25 girls because hey backyard right?

The more we watched the weather the more we knew ….. this house was going to be packed. I had already made a few things for the OUTDOOR party but now I had to get creative and figure out where to put all the decorations…

So where to put the light up poster was supposed to hang on a fence??


How about up there when it got dark the lights around it blinked it was really cool!

Now how about the monster home-made screen Dad of Two Peas made?

I had to clear out the dining room OMGosh ….these kids will have to sit on blankets and pillows in there can you say sore tushies~ We took a picture to see if it fit we used a different base for the party and then kept it in the garage so out cats wouldn’t ruin it overnight.


and then we hung the photo booth from the ceiling not as much to it, now if it was outside like planned it would have been a lot better.


I had to move the dining room table into the playroom which made for a very crowded area,


Here are some of the decorations :



IMAG7048 IMAG7007



but the one cool thing is the playroom was already movie themed!


We served pizza lots of pizza LOL and cupcakes made to look like popcorn….my friend Stacey helped the day before and they turned out awesome!


We didn’t get to do a concession stand like we wanted but still had concession stand foods!


Popcorn, candy and nachos (-:

After the kids ate the pizza and had fun with the Photo Op we got to the cupcakes then…



Once we handed out cupcakes Py opened her gifts and then

we sat them down for a game Py wanted to do, she made it up herself !


We printed out some screen shots of movies and found different quotes for movies she liked.  While Chad set up for the movie Pyper started her quiz show….


Our friend Art helped judge who held their hands up first to answer and they got chocolate coins to keep track of who one the top two got Monsters University posters as prizes. (For the record her friends Rylee with 5 out of 20 and Abigail with 3 out of 20 won!)

Once the game was over we handed out the concession style snacks:


Not one not two but three kinds of kool aid !



It just seemed easy that way since they were already squooshed in!  We shut the curtain to the kitchen so it would be darker this was a temporary curtain just added for the party.


The girls kept peeking in the kitchen LOL


As well as the party wet and the girls really did have a great time stay tuned to the end of the post for the top 5 things I learned from this party !




Girls, pillows, bedspreads and food every where!  Oz The Great and Powerful played on (-:

Here are some pictures of the fun !


DSC07122 DSC07120 DSC07125 DSC07124


Luckily we were able to contain the girls in two rooms so most the adults stayed in the kitchen !

OH ! Here are a few of the smile box posters I made just for Py we had these in the hall way where the bathroom is.

001 greeting (1) 001 greeting (1) 001 greeting (1) 001 greeting (1) 001 greeting (1)

These were great now the things I learned from this party:

1. Ohio weather absolutely stinks when it comes to July b-day parties might as well always plan for an indoor one.

2. The 50% of all the people you invite will show rule does not apply to 9 year olds only 4 didn’t show we had 17 girls here Super Fun but always count on many not actually RSVPing and have extra thank you bags for the end of the party!

3. Make sure when putting the movie you intend on watching at the party on the invite that the DVD is actually out, neither movie was so Oz filled in for the Croods.

4. Indoor movie for 9 year olds …DON’T BOTHER unless it is a movie they never saw and reaaaaallllly want to see Py’s movie party was more like a food fight and who can be the loudest party LOL

5.  I love my hard wood floor and sweeper we used three large bags of nacho chips pretty sure when the blankets were pulled up two and a half  bags were crushed under there. Also if using blankets you actual have on your bed I wouldn’t get kool aid…yikes two out of 5 bedspreads stained )-:

But honestly Py called it the best party ever gave me a hug in front of all her friends and said she loved us, and that is all I needed to hear (-:

Once the parents came we handed out the thank you gifts or swag bags and the best party ever was over.

(thank you popcorn boxes were from the dollar tree all the contents were from Party City)


Two months of planning for a three-hour event…. and yep she is worth it!


Her little sister thinks so too (-:

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