12X12 Paper Holder

After having ruined so many paper holders…nothing ever seemed strong enough.  In fact I spent a lot of money on those tall metal wire types and all it took was my husband running into it with the vacuüm cleaner and it fell down like dominoes!

One night after  scrapping at the kitchen table I was cleaning up and saw my husbands Coors Light box I wanted to make it easier carrying everything back to the loft so I grabbed it.  Well low and behold my 12 X 12 paper was a perfect fit.  So the idea popped into my head to decoupage the box and make the paper holder.  The cardboard was super thick and heavy so surely it could hold about 20 pounds of paper.


Any of your paper and a 20 bottle Coors Light box


Mod Podge, a paint brush and cut the paper in all size square shapes


One I got done with three 12X12 I found the perfect box for 8X8 too! A show box from the littlest peas size 5 sneakers…


I love this system I treated the papers like files and now I don’t have to leaf through stacks!


I got so organized I even used a shoe box from the oldest peas size 12 sneakers and make a ribbon holder!


It was so easy and so much fun to get organized that I thought I would share.  I hope its helps one of you get organized too!  


Happy Scrapping!