Garden Update August 2011….Stink Bugs 1 – Mom of 2 Peas 0

Dear Stink Bugs,

I official hate you, yes, hate is a very strong word that is why I chose it.  I would never allow my children to use the word hate unless they were speaking of you, stink bug.

You are a menace to vegetable growers every where.

I would say I hope you died but we both know you won’t. Next year I will be ready for you so lets just do us both a favor and never come back.


Mom of 2 Peas

I have tended to this years garden more than any garden before why?? because of these nasty bugs.  I would find eggs cut the leaf off and throw them in a jar….

I was out there every day morning and evening looking feverishly for these darn eggs so I wouldn’t get veggie eating bugs!  Every day I found more I didn’t get it I thought I drowned the two bugs that made all these buggers (no pun intended).  After a month of filling jars with egg filled leaves, it just got worse…..

I missed some apparently and they hatched~!!

I even had the peas looking for them, they are menaces! (the bugs not the peas)

Would we get any vegetables this year?  Hmmm….that’s it??

Why does the 6 zucchini that were growing look like they are mushy???

Well I will tell you why!

The nasties were not just on the leaves they were at the bottom of the stalks and I saw them when I was weeding.  It was so disappointing there were thousands LITERALLY…

The more weeds I pulled the more bugs I found and they can not be squished or they stink to high heaven!  So I pulled out huge stalks of zucchini bushes and shoved them into a big plastic jar.

Then I saw them the adults …they needed to die……

One even dared to stare at me while I screamed die die die!!!!!

Stink bugs will destroy your garden from what I read and what I saw they will get to the bottom of the stalks and keep the new squash from getting nutrients.

Then when they run out of stalk they move onto whatever squash is out there, they start from the bottom and just never stop eating turning the squash yellow and squishy.

SO this year we got 8 zucchini Chad gave his mom 4, I hope they used them well.  I got to make 2 loaves of bread and Gramps 6 heart-shaped little zucchini bread.

That was it for this year from the Pea’s Garden. Oh we did get a couple of tomatoes and when I say a couple I mean 2.

Oh we did get beans, apparently these stink bugs could care less about beans they only want to destroy squash.

Looks like we will be at the Farmer’s Market a little more this year.  All four of us love the market so it’s a great excuse to go!

Now next year I will be more aware and I will win……but this year

Stink Bugs 1 – Mom of 2 Peas 0.