Two Peas Garden Update July 2011


What is a stink bug you ask? well its a brown bug that I think looks like a wooden shield, google stink bug and it will tell you all about this new pest that sprays won’t kill!  My friend TJ was talking about them at lunch the other day, I told him I just saw one on my pepper plant I just kept flicking him away and he kept coming back.  That is when he told me about the damage they do and the millions of eggs they lay….OK not millions but hundreds for sure.  I looked that night and didn’t see the bug or eggs SHOOOO I thought and told my friends the next day.  Well! two days later (Friday in fact) while outside playing with the girls and looking for growing veggies.  I saw two Adults on a leaf my friend Debbie said to drown them in soapy water so I ran inside and grabbed a pickle jar with warm soapy water……on a mission to kill these pest I got one in the jar and lost the other!! OH NO! then the worst discovery…..

The eggs :

Now look at this garden:

I stayed in that back yard with my peas for 4 hours looking through each leaf and found so many eggs 1/4 of these leaves are now gone.  And I was able to see a little of each veggie that we are growing I just really hope that they aren’t too affected.  I was so warm out I had jeans on so I wouldn’t get all itchy when out come Py with my life line…..

How sweet is she??

SO then after I went through each leaf the girls wanted to pick some beans so we stayed out just a little longer  (-:

Phoebe was the most excited I love to hear her yell “a bean I found one” !

Let big sissy help you there …

My big girl helper telling me how big the yellow summer squash is she just spotted (-;

Pyper was just not impressed with the tiny bean Phoebe picked and lectured her on how you know when a bean IS ready to be picked.  LOL!

Saturday morning while looking out the window I caught a glimpse of another leaf with eggs I rolled up my jammies and ran out with another pickle jar.  After I found two more leaves with eggs I spotted him the other adult bug!

I drowned him see below he is upside down and dead dead dead, I accidentally knocked the jar over BUT he was still dead and I sealed him and the egged up leaves in the jar to throw away.

Be sure to check back for more garden updates!!

Happy gardening and may stink bugs never make their way to YOUR garden!


we found this little cutie too!

he was teeny the size of a pinky finger nail!

PS Today is Sunday and I found more eggs!!! DANG IT!

One thought on “Two Peas Garden Update July 2011

  1. I didn’t know that stink bugs caused damage! I’ve seen those eggs on my flowers before (or at least something very similar) and never thought much about it except to wonder what bug had laid them. Sounds like you are on the right track, and using the soapy water tactic means you don’t have to worry about chemical residue on your veggies. Smart thinking!

    P.s. When did Phoebe get so big??? They’re both such cuties, Jamie!

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