Summer Chicken Curry Salad

It’s summer time!

One of my family’s all time favorite meals……Chicken Curry Salad YUM!

This salad is so easy to make and literally takes 10 minutes.

I originally looked for a good chicken salad that we would eat (the picky eaters that we are) I found one that was simple and fast but it had onions and raisins well that wouldn’t fly……so I took the basic recipe and tweaked it.

First mayonnaise 1 cup (I like two cups for a more creamy salad)

and then a tablespoon of curry

Mix these together first so the curry doesn’t chunk up once it is together;                               add in already cooked grilled chicken strips these are refrigerated and bagged the recipe calls for 3 of the bags.  They are in the grocery store by the pre-packaged ham and hot dogs the precooked chicken comes in cubes too if you prefer.

Add 1/2 cup almonds I like whole so I can pick them out if we have little ones eating it, now that Phoebe is older we like the slivers but the slices are good too!

Now cut your grapes in half I add a ton of grapes! but if you’re a stickler it calls for a cup (-:

Wallah very easy and so good!

and happy little ones (-:

I hope you love it like we do let me know if you do!

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