Newest ScrapBook Pages from Py’s 5th

Yes it took a year to get it done….not really only a little over a week but a year later here are some of the pages from Pyper’s 5th Rock Star B-day party last summer.

Enjoy I hope you get some great ideas!

I couldn’t find a book I liked for this one so we decorated the outside cover ourselves!

I loved making her invitation this was the most fun party we have ever done…..I can;t wait until next year since she wanted pinkalicious this year next year she wants to do it here again….so far any way !

I felt so craft after making the pinata pages (- :

I used a lot of  stickles (glitter glue just for crafts like these)!  These things didn’t come that way I just couldn’t stop!



We ended with a page of all of us!~ There are lots more pages from this book , so much fun things to us we for a rock star…..hope you enjoyed these now keep on scrappin!

2 thoughts on “Newest ScrapBook Pages from Py’s 5th

  1. Jamie,
    I love this! Awesome! I agree you should start a business! (We are talking about franchising… Hint Hint) LOL

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