I heart faces “hands on fun!” ……..

This weeks iheart faces contest is hand on fun.

Last September we adopted our kitten Professor Puffington, it had been a long time coming we wanted to find a kitten in July for the oldest peas 5th birthday.  Dad of 2 peas had gotten a kitten on his 5th birthday and really wanted to make it happen for Pyper too! 

We also felt since we lost two family cats last year that our cat Petey Peteman was lonely.  He was acting sort of depressed if you could imagine.  So for months we looked until we found Puff. 

On the day we brought him home you would have thought he had lived here for years and that these peas had been around forever.  He had no fear (and he still doesn’t)  He was 6 weeks old and never ran from either peas he let Py hold him and Phoebe believe it or not was pretty gentle with the new little guy.

Here we caught our littlest pea  being as gentle as she could be…..so our hand on fun is hands on Professor Puffington fun! 

Be sure to check out all the other fabulous entries at iheartface.blogspot.com or click on the pic and go right there (-:

I Heart Faces - Photo Challenges, Tutorials and Tips


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