I heart Py’s first Columbus Zoo visit!

This weeks Iheartfaces challenge was the best face shot and all I could think of was Pyper’s first visit to the Columbus Zoo.  I normally would have had a hard time with this one.  I have taken so many of the girls that I would love to put on here! Luckily I had just cleaned my scrap loft and found this one blown up to frame from 2007!~ shows how behind I am huh?

This was June 2007, and we had just moved into our house a few months earlier so we were finally able to have some family spend the night.  Chad’s parents were down this particular weekend so we planned on taking them to the zoo.  Columbus Zoo is amazing and we had such a good time I will never forget Pyper’s expressions now that she was old enough to pay attention to the animals and of course they have a huge playground!  Here she is looking down on the train that goes through the zoo too afraid to ride the train she was happy to look at it though!

AND  now that we live in Columbus I think I should add that the Columbus Zoo was named the #1 Zoo in America by USA Travel Guide!

Be sure to check out the many and I mean many other entries at iheartfaces.blogspot.com I think they have a record number this time around!  And while you are there wish the site a Happy Anniversary Amy and Angie did a phenomenal job on this website in just a year and they deserve a pat on the back.  They got people blogging who never thought they would!

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