The Newest Riley Nemesis



What  were  we thinking????

Before we put up our Christmas tree we bought a carpet for the playroom floor.  We knew with a new kitten and Phoebe being mobile this year the tree just might come down.   Since Chad put a lot of hard work into the new hard wood floors  we tried to not ruin them with tree scratches.

 Pyper had picked this carpet out months ago and we said yes how fun is shag in a playroom!   What  we didn’t realize is that the shag carpet sheds worse than the cats!!!!


Pink fuzz everywhere, on the stairs pink fuzz, on the hard wood  pink fuzz, on our clothes pink fuzz, on the kids  pink fuzz, on the living room rug  pink fuzz …….in the kids hair and Puff’s tail


 Learn from this post friends shag carpet may seem fun until you are brushing it out of your five year olds curly NEED I SAY curly hair and all you see in the brush is more

PINK FUZZ  . . . . . .

 Needless to say we love our Swiffer Sweeper (-:



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